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  1. Notice the slim nordic design. This build is suppose to look like it's not even possible. The huge weight of a 15 kg drawer being suspended under a slim and elegant desk which look thin due to its various chamfers and angles. All 4 legs are cut in a 3 degree angle, but only on two of the outward-facing sides. This allows the drawer to be located as far away as possible creating more space at the desk. Meanwhile keeping the legs conical matching the build. Notice how they seamlessly line up with the supporting bracket. Because there is a humongous drawer under the table, t
  2. Well, im way overdue.. But what can you do when parts never arrive. Nevertheless, here it is!!! I'm very proud to present to you The Wooden Desk PC Drawer: - Passiv air intake through the bottom of the drawer. - The bottom is made of 2 layers: 1st layer is where the MB is located on top. 2nd layer has the dustfilter attached and is removable for easy accesse to cable management. - The radiator is an X flow rad which prevents airbubbles from being trapped and making noise. - The Pump/Res combo unit is lowered through the 1st botto
  3. Just a few more days left and it's done! Waiting for a few more parts to arrive (delayed by a month due to Covid)... Notice only two diagonal holes connects to the radiator for easy removal and maintenance. Pass through fittings with soft tubing to reposition the hardtubing which is gonna line up with the reservoir. The idea here is to make a sort of reservoir out of hardtubing. It prevents air bubbles from being formed, which would happen if it was a regular cylinder. Front USB cover has been polished and is now installed. Doing a foto shoot on monday so it'll be done b
  4. Looking good so far Here you se the install of the dustfilter, silicone backcover, GPU support bracket, MB standoffs and passthrough fittings with hidden soft tubing.
  5. Hello again. As i wrote in my last post, due to covid-19 i got my EK WB parts 3 weeks later than expected.. But the show must go on! I will finish my build!! Aiming to finish the build this week.
  6. Hey everyone. EK Water Blocks didn't deliver my fittings and waterblocks on time. . . . So i unfortunately can't make it. I have been working my :) off for months on end, and now I'm a few days delayed because of delivery issues due to the pandemic. If possible, I'll keep working, posting and finishing, even if I'm not in the competition any more. If I'm out, I completely understand! But i really hope i could get some kind of extension. This issue is only because of the pandemic and because deliveries are insane at the moment. What a nightmare haha, I'm so sad. - MA M
  7. Ladies & Gentlemen. Can we make it in time? I sure hope so! Final assembly has happened, and it looks stunning!! Here you so the polycarbonate sheet getting installed and sealed with silicone. The drawer getting assembled, sanded down, sprayed with cleaner to get the wood ready for oil. The oil i use is Rubio Monocoat Pure 2C, which is a two-component hardening oil. Lastly i fitted the support bracket in the right place and made sure everything was running smoothly. Still testing a lot of smaller things before we can begin installing the PC.
  8. Final sanding, oiling and assembly. The hole rear end of the drawer actually split in two during assembly of the drawer. Managed to glue it back together afterwards tho, so we are all good! 99 % percent done with the woodworking part of the build. Pc installation is going to be so satisfying haha. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! - MA Modified
  9. Hi everyone. Extending the period by 1 month would fit better in my opinion. - MA Modified
  10. About 80 % dont with the woodwork. But the best part is yet to come.. ASSEMBLY! The metal brackets you see under the desk is two "T" steel beams that is helping to remove some of the tension in the wood. The aluminium USB cover is a prototype. Overall im very pleased with the build so far, and looking forward to completing it soon. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. - MA Modified
  11. A lot of cool things happening next week! STAY TUNED! - MA Modified
  12. Hi, my name is Mads Alexander i live in Denmark, and I'll be making an innovative PC drawer in beautiful oak wood. This build has been in the design phase for a year now, so I'm very excited to finally start production! Join me on my adventure to make the first fully functioning PC Drawer.
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