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  1. A deadline extension would be great.. In my case, due to restrictions, I can't even work at the workshop (it was closed to limit people meeting each other) and it doesn't seem it will opened anytime soon. Personally, I'm planning to participate in CMWS 2021 since I haven't started the case mod yet (workshop was closed down in October and I only managed build the PC from pre-bought parts before that).
  2. Hi everyone! Our names are Konstantinas Paukštė and Ignas Blaževičius, we're a team of beginner modders from Lithuania and we're very excited to participate in the contest after many years of spectating it. Though we have experience in crafting and using CNC, this is the first time for us modding a PC for such as large scale contest. First of all, a huge shout out for gaming peripherals and computers shop Spacebar for sponsoring this project - thanks to them we got all the parts, idea for our modding and project names, as well as project theme. SpaceCase v1.0 will
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