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  1. I think an extension is fine.. It gives people more time to finish their projects, and if some people are already finished, then they have a chance to make theirs even better, or maybe create another entry for different category!
  2. Using 1/2" solid acrylic rod to make the frame. With the forks taped into place, the rods can be bent to fit.. Once the side pieces are made, the cross braces can be cut to length.. The back part of the frame where the seat will be mounted is next.. Before gluing, the pieces are sanded.. First the side frames are glued up.. Then the cross braces.. Then finally the back.. Once the glue is set up, it is all one piece! More frame reinforceme
  3. Hey Nick, Looking forward to seeing more of your masterful work!
  4. haha yep, Ron will be helping me out with some modelling and paint, while Nestor will help with 3D printing and custom WC gear. Should be fun!
  5. Ok Vault Hunters! Time for a quick update on this Custom Cyclone Dual PC monstrosity! Ellie just started working on the frame for it, starting with the front forks.. Looks like she's using 3/8" acrylic and PVC. Parts cut out and sanded down, time for assembly! Assembled! Positioned inside the wheel hub.. Just gotta mark and drill holes for fasteners to secure it down, but should probably wait until the rest of the frame is fabricated. 'Til then!
  6. Good to see you back at it! Looking forward to seeing your creation.
  7. Greetings Vault Hunters! Seems Ellie has been working on a new custom Cyclone for ya, and it's sure to kick some Psycho butt! She's cramming not one, but two complete PC systems into it so y'all can play Borderlands3 with your best bud! Here's a reference pic from the game: ..and here's a sneak peek of Ellie's new Dual PC: The Cyclone Dual PC will be available soon at all Catch-A-Rides throughout Pandora! But first it has to get built, so let's get started, shall we? I forgot to mention that this project will be a collaboration between mys
  8. WOAH! I won by like .58 of a point! Congrats Coolmeister for winning the other category, and also to L3p and ASPHIAX and all the other winners! And a great big thank you to Cooler Master for putting on the best competitions!
  9. I have a question regarding the submission deadline. On the main competition page, it says the worklog update & submission runs from now 'til May 15. However, in the rules it states: "When you have fully completed your mod, submit your entry to your contact before the submission deadline (April 15th, 2011)." So which is it? April 15th, or May 15th? I want to be absolutely clear on when I have to have my mod finished and submitted so I can plan accordingly.
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