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  1. The mod is complete! Thank you for sponsorship Asus Hungary and EKWB. System spec: Asus Strix x570-F Gaming Asus Strix GTX 1650 OC Ryzen 5 3600X Kingston Preadtor M.2 256 SSD Kingston HyperX 2x4Gb CoolerMaster MWE Gold 550 EK Quantum Velocity AM4EK Quantum Kinetic Pump comboEK Coolstream PE 240EK Vardar X3M D-RGBEK Hardtube fittings
  2. I made the console that hides the RGB lighting, which is located on the bottom of the machine on 2 sides, and the plexiglass on the front side was made. Youtube
  3. Making a painting mask with a plotter, then preparing and painting. The radiator will be mounted on this page for which I made brackets with a 3D printer.
  4. The new cover of the psu is made of plexiglass with laser cutting and cable sleeving. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W0CGDngTZs&t
  5. The fan grilles were i made for the radiator with a solution similar to the sandwich plexiglass sheets made in the lower part of the engine room.
  6. After assembling the frame structure, I started to design and build the design elements. In my previous post, I have already presented my laser cutting option in a short video, so much of the work will be done with my help of this machine. In keeping with the name of the mod, I will try to implement the elements on the basis of a staggered arrangement, which in its appearance will try to revive traces of Far Eastern architectural culture. Let's start with the basics.
  7. After many years of skipping, I am now building a custom pc again. The structure of the pc frame is made of aluminum profile, the idea will be a double-sided open pc. The hardware was provided by asus hungary, the liquid cooling was sponsored by EKWB. The overall design is based on the motifs of the AMD Ryzen cpu and ROG. The color scheme will be black and orange.
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