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Hi guys,


Me again. im starting a new build for Asus and Cooler Master that will be set on display at Computex 2014. it will feature the Z97 Sabertooth and the new Devil's Canyon Processor (which i cannot include pics of yet until NDA is released). I only have 2 weeks to complete the project, so this will be a really quick ride. i hope you will join me again.


thank you to the sponsors:







what i will be working with:




Build logs will follow shortly. =)





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there was not anything i could do today since it was a holiday and i couldnt buy the stuff i needed to get started. anyhow, i managed to do a semi tear-down. i dont really need to do a full one because i will not be doing anything wild with the interior lay-out. the the focus will be intended on the new Z97 Sabertooth, and the paint on the Cosmos SE.  this will have to do, for now.


for those of you who dont know, this case is by far the easiest for me to take apart (plastic portions). awesome job CM!



off to my painting area you go!



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