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Sabranco Humvee FINAL PHOTOS!

Alexander Hede

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Hi evryone

Long time since I've been online but back now with a fairly quick mod. Seems like life have been getting in the way of my hobbies. Been hard at work on fixing up my garage so i can do more modding in a nicer place

A while ago i got contacted and offered to do a computer mod with some new parts and even if i don't have a lot of spare time it seemed like a fun idea.

The idea was to make a mod with the new Asus Sabranco board in a Hummer. Took me a long time to find a hummer that would fit a full size motherboard.

Asus Sabertooth mark S
Intel 4690
Intel SSD
Cooler Master Nepton cooler
Asus Strix GTX 980
Kingston fury ram 32gb, 2 white and 2 black

Only spent half an hour on the hummer shell so it's not all there

After a few weeks i found one in Taiwan that was big enough.

1/6th scale
Beer can for scale
Body removed

The board, i like it

The PSU, have had a few of these and they have always worked good, so why not another one
I was in such a rush i forgot to take pics of the GPU but i will post a bit later of the finished gpu.

On to the modding
Had to remove a lot of the electronics in order to fit all the parts. Would have been nice to have it drivable but prefer it to look nice in the end.

First up the a tray for the psu. Milled it out of polycarbonate. Was a bit tricky to find a good spot for it but in the end it sorted itself out. Only need 4 holes but added a few more for flexibility in case i want to move it a bit

Acrylic support for the SSD.

Psu and ssd mounted. Yes, it's secured by a shoestring. The psu was a pressfit so not worried but i think it looks good.

Next update more of the integrated rollcage for MB and GPU! Here its only in mdf, when its finished it will be out of aluminum


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Thx Pim! It is a good looking motherboard!

Did a test fit with the mdf rollcage. I/o panel fits quite good but think i will lower it another mm into the frame to get the whole motherboard a bit closer to the panel.

The hummer had very large hole after i removed the weapons, decided to make a cover for it and install a fan there instead. Milled out of acrylic and will be painted a bit later. Still has a small hole for a on/off button but need to have a think about what i want to do with it.

Cut a slot in the back panel and removed some support material in order to get the motherboard and GPU to fit. Still needs some cleaning up but need to make sure everything fits before i make it look nice.

In order to get a flush fit between the GPU and the back panel i made an 2mm aluminum back plate. For some reason i programmed the chamfering around the dvi port a bit wrong so i took too much off. Shouldn't have watched tv while programming :) Will still be good for a test fit

New stickers for the fans. The original strix stickers didn't really fit the build.

First idea for the Hummer and GPU would be to use plastidip. Everyone seems to be liking it and it looks decent in pictures. So bought a few cans and tried it on the GPU. After trying it twice i decided to use normal paint. It didn't look right, it had quite an uneven surface and it just felt cheap. I guess for a motherboard with lots of components and uneven surfaces its not so noticeable.  So here is the final pic of the GPU with normal spray paint.

Last but not least did decide to have a test run of the components. Have had the motherboard for quite some time but hadn't gotten around to test it. Have never gotten a dead mb so wasn't so worried. All worked fine except the gpu, in the end it needed a shielded pcie riser from 3m, tried a few different ebay cables but non of them worked. The 3M ones are expensive but seems to be bulletproof.

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lol Pim, it is a great looking card!


Back with more progress.

The bracket for the Radiator/roof mount

Part of the rollcage, getting a hang of the mill now, getting great surface finish without the need for sanding

All parts of the rollcage assembled, seems to be very stable.

Quick test assembly with the motherboard.

Some support brackets for the GPU

As always there is something you don't plan for. Had to change one of the sides to make space for the PCI-e riser.

Decided to powedercoat the black bits and the white is just normal spray paint. Think the back bit will look better together with the hummer once its painted.

Time for some primer!
And some white paint!
Had to see how it looks together with the wheels, still missing bits and doing the windows,

More coming soon!

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Back with another update,

Painted the radiator/roof mount. decided for black, there's quite a lot of white already :)

The nepton cooler with the mount fitted

rotated the logo so it's the right way, not really necessary but i do like it when the text is not upside down :)

A quick test if everything aligns. Seems pretty dead on :)

Started adding stickers to the car. S/N 0052 is the serial number on the board. Also installed the lights with leds and cabling. Now they light up when the computer is running. Added a switch though so i can turn them of if they are too powerful.

Spent a long time getting the red stickers cut. Seems like cutting a perfectly round circle is a lot harder than i anticipated :D

One side complete

Lights installed!

Top fan fitted! Slight bend in the roof but if i tighten the screws a bit more i should get rid of the tiny gap. Also did all the windows.

Final photos in the next update! A little sneak preview :)


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Thx Pim!


Time for some final shots! Been a speedy build as it's going for a little trip as soon as it's finished.

Decided to take the PC outside to get some shots in the snow. Got a bit of snow during the day and thought it was a good idea to get some "action" shots :)


Had to stop taking photos outside, started to snow again and the computer was getting wet. Continued with some inside shots.

Hooked it up to make sure it was still running. All good!

Took a while to get the lights to the right intensity, 620ohm did the trick and lowered it enough to look good in photos and in real life

Back in the box it goes, had to modify it a bit to get it back in the original box

Used all the safety tape i could find, Should be safe now :D

That's about it for this time! Hope you liked it.

If anyone is going to CES this year you can have a good look at it there! Always wanted to go to las vegas but seems like my computer beat me to it :)

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