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Project Re-invented


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Hello everyone, 

Firstly… this will be fun!

I needed to stop Modding it and start using it...

Hence I have been working on a secondary pc which is based on a 10+ year old Super Lanboy,


NB: this log is also posted on the Mod Zoo forums



Hardware is mostly TBA… and I will warn you of some serious re-engineering to come!


This case is clearly used!


(photo removed due to non-CM branding, will replace with branding coved)


I already removed the dust bunnies!





Some retro sound awesomeness!



Bit heavy =(







I apologise for the horrible phone photo’s… they were taken very early on, just in case I wanted to start a log =)

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Hi again, 


I realised that you all had no idea why this project is called Re-Invented, so here is the next part of the build


Also im also sorry about how this update jumps from one thing to another… just like I did



here’s the original back panel… in all of its top mounted psu horrid-ness




and this is the piece of dishwasher that will become the new back panel



The bender 



Cut and scribed ready for bending 




One down one to go! 







Now to start on the mobo tray and I/O 






Cuts scribed



Now I wonder what this is for?...



It a brace to stop the case from flexing too much without any sidepanels after the removal of the drive cages



Rear I/O cut and fitted!



Just a few more random pieces of metal




Mabe not so random….




Can’t remember when it happened but I have a picture of the result of a Moding injury… probably just a small cut



A small problem


And a solution





If there is one thing I’ve learnt from watching Bill Owen's video’s it’s that a roll of tape is very useful for marking fan holes








And now to remove 90% of the front after having finished a replacement for the back







A few thing’s to note….

This case will be painted… and many cuts will be filed further, but that is for later….

Tin snip's are awesome

You ain’t seen nothing yet!


I look forward to hearing from you…. Thanks for reading

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Hey everyone, I think that I need to stop apologising for the delays....


anyway this will be update 3, I was going to make this into two different updates, but that would have just meant another boring update full of sheet metal work!'


OK, so the first section of this update is the completion of the front air duct with the cutting of the fan holes and slotted mounting holes


the front panel with one slot cut already



also this will be in the form of a guide for fan screw slot cutting from here...  its the simplest way to write it!


so step 1 is to centre-punch along where you want your slot...




step 2, drill a series of holes of aprox. 3-3.5mm diameter as close together as possible




step 3, use a nibbler to join the holes (creates a rough slot)




step 4, use a flat file (anything not ridiculously large or coarse) to soothe out the slot




and this is how my panel finished up....


it doesn't look that great just yet because of all the scratches in the paint, however it should look much better once its been given a fresh coat of paint


and after cutting out the actual fan holes...




this brings us to part 2 of this update, there are no in progress shots as I forgot to take pictures while working but thats ok because im pretty sure that the most of it would have been rather boring!


the main things to note are:


the air duct in place with mounting holes drilled and the hole cut into the bottom of the case for airflow

the motherboard tray is mounted and has both the top and bottom supports made

the psu cover/shroud still needs to be made and fitted

the front I/O holes still need to be cut for the power button, usb 3.0 connectors and 3.5mm audio jacks

the front panel still needs to be made (white acrylic)

the top pannel fan/rad mount still needs to be cut, and a grill made

there are many mounting holes not in uses because things will be riveted together, and there are a few screws/nuts holding things in place temporally










 so that concludes the photos and the main sections of this update


a few finishing remarks though......


 the main decisions to be made at the moment relate to fan choice... my current thinking is to go with a coolermaster blue led fan on the cpu heatsink, not because I don't want to use the G5 Powermac fans, but rather that it will be easier, quicker, look better proportioned to the heatsink and be more appropriate for the coolermaster case mod comp....


and for the rest of the case the current thinking is to "borrow" the blue led CM fans out of pc's from around the house (front intake from the cm 690 mk1 becomes the exhaust in this case and the 2 "silent" series fans from the htpc [cm elite 360] will become the top exhaust)


then the front fans cannot be coolermaster as they don't manufacture any 180mm fans......(wish they did)



  thanks for reading and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask...

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Hi everyone, this is just a small fill in to show a bit of the planing work that has been happening over the last while.. so im going to call it update 3.6


the main two elements that ive been planing are the front i/o spacing (in order for it to look right) and deciding on sleeving colours


as for the front i/ here is a pic of the current layout that wil likely end up on the case


please note that the colour used on the case is terribly off what it will be when it is finnished... its just for representation




and then comes the difficult choice that is sleeving colour... ive decided to fit with the nickname that ive given this build "50 shades of blue", that I should try a two tone blue sleeving colour scheme...


the colours that i think i will use:



and what the approximate colours look like in a mock-up



thanks for reading, and as always any feedback is appreciated

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so this is just a quick one to show you all what I got up to today... (plz don't rubbish the phone pics)


the main work was on the top panel... 

first up was the front i/o.. which was marked as per the sketch-up placement...


then drilled.. the power button was looking like a pain to get the exact hole size, but then I remembered that I can just use a reamer... which made short work of getting the hole size exactly right (<1mm tolerance)



so then I was thinking about what to do next and decided to just go ahead and cut the top 2x120mm fan mounts as I already knew the nececary measurements for their position..




and finally I was going to show an example of hammertone blue to help people get the idea of what im talking abbout but thanks to phone camera's and dodgy camera drivers in android lollipop nightly builds it turned out a bit greyscale... however you can still get the idea



Thanks everyone for reading, and all feedback is appreciated!

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so this will be the last of the somewhat nightly partial updates for now... update 3.9 

update 4 will be waiting till some paint has made its way onto the internal panels & heatsinks, and possibly the front panel & top grill are cut


anyway, on with what's actually been happening..


firstly I stripped down the gpu to paint the shroud and heatsink... yes its an AMD HD 5770, however this system is not intended for highly demanding games, and im not sure the psu (the only spare ive got - gigabyte 460w) could handle much more..

(I had only just peeled the stickers when this was taken)





then I moved onto the mount for the pre-loved dell cpu cooler...



(and yes I know the thickness of the steel is complete and utter overkill, but #yolo)




and finally I cut the holes for the front i/o cables to pass through (still need to get the u-channel out of the attic)



anyway once again I apologise for the phone pic's... just a matter of convenience for quick updates... however the next update should have some much higher quality pics, and a lot more progress, but for that you will have to wait!


as always, thanks for reading and please feel free to comment or suggest ideas!

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so this will be the long awaited (I hope) update 4 which if you look at your keyboard also happens to be the money key.... as this will be a valuable update for your reading enjoyment....


this post will be a mix of both phone and DSLR photo's... mainly due to convenience of not always having to carry around a full DSLR, but all the important photo's are DSLR, not phone


the first part of this is the dissection of a different gpu, which is happening due to some upcoming news... however that will be revealed at a later date


the important part is that the gpu for this pc is going from a measly HD 5770 to a slightly beefier GTX 460... which I think you'll agree, looks a ton better - with a dual fan heatsink


the card in its stock config


the card with the stickers removed (looks better already!)


and some more disassembly....


to extract a bare heatsink...


so they can be painted!, white first... (the 5770 heatsink was painted as well because of unconfirmed details)


then masked


then black


and finished


however it should be noted that the paint on the cpu heatsink fins peeled, so it was repainted in reverse (black first), and there will be a top cover over the top sections of the heatpipes, meaning that the scratched paint will not be seen anyway, the important parts were the fins and the base, which turned out great the second time! 



then came the making of the psu cover, which will have more work done to it (namely a window to show the psu), but is now 95% complete


firstly I made a 1:1 paper net/plan that then became a template


then it was cut out


then folded and tweaked



(not the final board, just a dead one)



now we get to the really cool stuff... the laser cutting of the top grill and front panel... at this point you might finnaly be able to see a bit of the planed result appearing, and I was surprised at how well this turned out 


so first I made a small scale test on a random piece of scrap acrylic to check that the file had no issues caused by exporting from sketchup and importing to illustrator, or unwanted cuts marked


it turned out looking good, other than a bit of warping caused by how thin the branches between the hexagons were, which is a non issue with the full scale


and so on to the full scale!


the leftover hexagon cut-outs were pretty cool


then came the cutting of the front panel


and the end results!




that mini grill is so cute/cool (for lack of better wording to describe it) even though it has no practical use


and the case as it currently sits with the laser'd parts temporally fitted


NB: the factory polycarbonate window will be replaced with a solid acrylic one, and mounted with machine screws rather than plastic rivets...






so this will be the end of the fourth major instalment of this log.. it has been hard to wait to post all this, but I think that it has made for a more rounded and interesting post...


until the next one, and as always, thanks for reading, and feel free to comment or ask any questions you may have

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ok, this is rather odd as things go with my logs normally, this will be update 5.... a major update with good photo's the day after a major update with good photo's......




well this update is due to the two packages that I received today... one being rather small and ordinary, but still related..... the other, special enough that you will have to wait and see!

(I apologise for the ms paint name and address cover up, but it was the most convenient way)


the small one contained the blue led strip from ebay for this project....


the other one... (im tying to keep this somewhat mysterious)




OK the games are up, the reason for the update.. and probably some of the only brand new hardware for this project is...


that this project is now sponsored by Cooler Master, who have very kindly provided a V650 PSU and 3 of their awesome jetflow fans!





the Jetflow 120s:




these have to be some of the best looking and constructed fans that I have ever seen, would highly recommend them


and the V650:



it may not be the most powerful model available, but its defiantly a great looking, solid PSU


I would like to very much thank cooler master for their support!



Also I would like to say that this will hopefully be the only post of this entire log with only new hardware and no actual modding


this also hasn't changed much with the design of the build, the only major changes that this has brought about are: the ability to run a better gpu without fear of killing junk, grey PSUs - hence the gpu change; the fans in the top and back of the case will match and will not be "borrowed" from pc's around the house and the window in the side of the psu shroud to show what it is... otherwise it will remain the same, which is important for reasons which will become clear at the end of the project...


so this concludes update 5, I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment or ask questions !

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Dangerous stuff that metal, but worth it in the end :D

Looking good mate


Thanks icon_thumleft.gif , and the metal isn't too bad, its just galvanised sheet steel with paint on one side.... and if your referring to the modding injury in one of the early posts im pretty sure that was caused by my own insantiy  :blink: rather than the metal...

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