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Assembling the new drawer front:


Gluing and clamping the acrylic layers.






Next to insert the Ikea whatchamacallits, so the new drawer front will be attached the same as the old one.




The holes were pre-cut, but in order to make them screw into the acrylic and now crack it, I had to melt them in.




This is what happens when you heat the whatchamacallits too much.




The whatchamacallits screwed in securely.




The USB interface and fan controller installed.  I found some nice shiny aluminum switch covers, to replace the original black ones. 




Finally assembly and update coming soon.



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DWR - The PC in a drawer


I am really happy with how my project turned out. 


This was my very first scratch build and my first real mod. 


I hope you all enjoy my take on modding, even though my aesthetic is far more minimalist than most.  My budget was modest, and the only sponsorship I had was from Cooler Master. 


A few things I should add about my design.  DWR is where form and function meet.

  • The case being in drawer, everything except the power supply can be accessed by simply pulling open the drawer!   Accessing the PSU requires removing the drawer underneath - so it is still easy, even easier than unscrewing a case panel.
  • While the drawer underneath was significantly shrunk, it was still large enough to easily accommodate my gaming headset.  It is nice to keep them out of the way when they aren't needed.
  • For the drawer above I change the base from MDF to steel.  It adds a little bit more thermal protection to the build. 
  • The other three drawers are completely functional.
  • The pictures are of my build fully set up and functional.  The cables inside my case are neat, and the ones outside are hidden too. 
  • The PC sitting on the left of my desk is my one that I built for my wife, it is called the "Pink Death".
  • My blue quaker parrot Minstrel is obsessed with sitting under my desk, which is why I built in some perches for her.  She spends hours under there.  Birds are crazy!
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