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Day 7

Hello everyone!

I'm on the final details of the case, I decided to mount everything to make some tests!


List to do:
- Acrilics

- Small details in paint
- Vinyl stripes in blue
- Cable combs in place

For now what I can remenber is this :P
Hope you like it, next update probably will be the "big final" :happy3:

Best Regards,

Alberto Soares aka tankian

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Hello everyone!

I'm back after one month without giving news, I had some problems and that prevented me from continuing the project ... but I'm back now and full force to end this!

So I decide to use Star Wars was the theme for the project, in the beginning it was my first choice, but I end up not calling it, but now I'm feelling more confident that is the right thing to use. I'm a new Star Wars fan thing and the better way I can prove how much I like it is giving this theme for this project.
Let the Dark Side be with you! :P

Well already have the cut acrylics, and tests to see if they need to do more holes or not, because the upper ventilation (air exit)



The covers also already ready as you can see in the photos.





Actual State




Next step will be ilumination, vinils and paint details :)

I hope you enjoy the result will not be long to complete the project and have some regret not having done already for some time, but not everything goes as we want the important thing is to finish!

Best Regards.
Alberto Soares

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Day 9

Hi, for today I'm only showing a little of the work that I've donne yesterday, more photos will come soon :P

Hope you guys like it!
(Missing some adjustments)


Best Regards,
Alberto Soares

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:blob4: Day 10 Project Finished :blob4:


Hello everyone the project is finish and I'm really happy with the result, is true that the project could be finish sometime ago but sometimes stuff dont go was planned, in the end everything went donne and finish like I wanted.

General Conclusion

The project received a new name given to the subject I decided to opt already in the final part of the project now being named "Dark Side Machine".

At the beginning I had the following ideas: simplicity, mobility, color and functionality.

Simplicity - project through materials and tools available to all people.
Mobility - project with identical dimensions and weight of an ATX tower, almost every weekend walk with her in the car and for now I didn't face any problem, 5 *.
Color - red, white and black are the predominant colors in the project since i have followed the theme "Dark Side" of Star Wars.
Functionality - allows excellent temperatures, cable management and easy access to inside components.

Materials used for the project were essentially:
- Square Aluminum Tube
- Corner Aluminum pieces
- Square Iron Tube
- Plates Acrylic White
- Plates Acrylic Transparent
- Rivets and "L" corners
- White and Black Paint
- Vinyl Black

In the end I used easy materials to find and use, was also one of the main points of the project, so you can bring other people motivated to create their own projects ate home, of course it is necessary to spend some money, but the satisfaction of doing something ours and overcome all of the dificultys you have is fantastic!

I present to you the

"Dark Side Machine"

Day mode:









Night Mode:
(with special guests)










I want to thank Cooler Master Portugal and SilverStone Technology for their support, without them the project would never have gotten to this point.
I want to thank especially the Sofia Mota (Cooler Master) and Karin Lee (SilverStone) for being great people, my girlfriend Janete Lopes for the patience and help, to Hugo Matias for help in photo shootting, Steve Santos for patience in parts stores and all others who have followed and supported the project a big thank you!

Best Regards,
Alberto Soares aka tankian

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