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Find a Meetup Near You: Connecting Modders Everywhere

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Connecting Modders Everywhere


Cooler Master is about fueling the growing worldwide passion to make and create - to grow your maker spirit. That's why we're holding Modder Meetups all over the world. You'll find fellow modders of all kinds - from first time tinkerers to professionals. You'll also find LAN parties, contest, giveaways, could be the first to see and try out new Cooler Master gear, and more. 
Join a community that shares your passion, grow together, and then make it your own.
Find a meetup near you:
  • Community of Gamers (Sydney, Australia) 4/2
  • Lan ETS 2016 (Montreal, Canada) 4/15-4/17
  • Maker Faire (NewCastle, England) 4/23-4/24
  • GGF LAN (Sydney, Australia) 4/23
  • Maker Faire (Paris, France)  4/30-5/1
  • Maker Faire (Taipei, Taiwan) 5/7 - 5/8
  • Maker Faire (Lisbon, Portugal) 6/26
  • Maker Faire (Berlin, Germany) 9/30-10/2
  • Maker Faire (Rome, Italy) 10/14-10/16​



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