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Hi all 


Here my final Worklog 














Hope u guys enjoy it !!! 


this is only i got as to finish it . 
will improve more soon , and i make sure i will deliver the best i can :D

Thanks to Coolermaster for this event , without it i would not be here . Thanks to all sponsored company , those who are really trust newbie like me . I will appreciated it forever !! :D

Thanks to all member who support me and those legendary mods who are willing to share knowledge !! .







Hi everyone.:oops:

I’am from Malaysia . This is my first ever modding/design for case-mod event. I’am not very good in English so they might have bad spelling and sometimes bad for me to describe something. I will try to give my best to communicate:grin:. I try to give the best on my project .:thumbright:


My project description .

Conceptual and reference of my project is about BATTLESHIP 2012(movie). There is reason why I choose this movie. I like the way they create strategy to fight the alien battleship

I will build something similar with alien spaceship from battleship movie.




Idea Development

Sketch and 3d drawing –


Design might changed from time to time ( added and adjustment ) and gpu position will adjust for good viewing. 

Machine and equipment

All part of my design will be use multiple type of manufacturing process and also manual making. I will using a wire-cut machine to cut the metal plate and use bending machine to bend the body cover. Part of jaw will be use 3d printing . all touch up and simple part will be use manual. 

Build LOG-

[in progress] Hope next week i can update with Base Structure. 






LINK TO FINAL PICTUREhttp://community.coolermaster.com/topic/21837-the-battleship/?page=3#comment-141003





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Hi All .


here my latest update for The Battleship project 




This is body made by steel , already completed the cutting shape and weld . now it was solid pieces of body NAKED ! (without coat)




This is platform where i will put motherboard into it . 





This one i proceed to make the structure of my design . this part i try to think with my machinist guy how to properly clamp. 




After clamp into vise , now going to cut into right angle . 

second picture showing few structure already cut into right position . 




Now i proceed to base i will not weld the base with structure rod , (just in case i need more weight to hold all things)




Measuring right length for structure , to make sure its on the right angle and position . 




After positioning all the rod structure i will proceed to welding process. 



So far this is update of this project . will be back soon , quite busy with work . i will try to steal time to make sure this project finish as promised :D




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Hi all Today i am gonna introduce hardware / part into my project model 

First of all , after having taf week making a proper proposal to getting a sponsorship , I would like give a BIG HUGE THANKS to my sponsor for this project 





By presenting their product , here i will exposed what my system spec going to be . Pabblereka is my 3dprinting resource they support me by printing service and material supply. 




System spec 

Motherboard : Gigabyte Aorus Z270X GAMING K5

Processor : Intel i7 7700k

Ram : Avexir Blitz DDR4 32GB Quad Channel

Graphic Card : ( to be confirm soon)

PowerSupply : Coolermaster V650 Full Modular 
Thermal Paste : Mastergel Maker 

Cooling : Thermaltake RL240 Pasific WC kit 

Storage : Adata SSD Golden Limited edition ( will upload pic later ) being told by adata this product not yet in market.

i am one of the persons will introduce it .




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11 hours ago, rakesh_sharma23 said:

Personal experience.. 


Yeah tq for advice , therefore i also thinking to change to other coolant since this coolant more pinky red. but due to the loop issue i might avoid it .Thanks bro 

please suggest me what coolant good for striking red blood color thanks. 


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Hi ..


Here i gonna update listed view for my 3dprinting stuff and also my latest update for project . all will be printed and polished using primary coating after sanded . and final would be color coating . 





Thank You for https://www.facebook.com/pebbelreka/ for support me 3d printing service. 









While All 3d printed parts arrived , now im focusing on how to fit the radiator . Im using wirecut machine to cut the bracket . 













Now lets fit in our structure rod :D



Well its nice fit . ... 

that all for update stay tune for moaaarrr. :D

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