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Finished up the 3d printed corner bumpers. As these are rather complex shapes with a bit of over-hang, there was a lot of excess material to sand down and polish, almost ran out of elbow-grease!
I applied the usual post-sanding treatment: filling primer and paint, as well as small detail work on the screw holes.


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Loads to say about the work in this post: 

The exterior walls are constructed from plexiglass. I sanded down both sides and applied a coat of white paint to the side facing in and two layers of white and black of vinyl to the outside.

The top-most, black layer, of vinyl was laser-cut at low power thus producing the design you see.

The sanding and layers of paint and vinyl allow light injected through the sides to bounce around inside the sheet of plexi and seep out uniformly where the black vinyl layer was cut away. 


The graphics card got its own special treatment. I removed card's plastic shroud to allow the fans to sit flush against the side-panel bringing in plenty of fresh cool air.
Since the card is mounted at the center of the panel, two output ports: hdmi and displayport were brought to the exterior with extension cables.



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7 hours ago, weejim said:

I love seeing how a bunch of raw materials are gathering shape like that, talk about scratch built!

Seriously impressive work!

Thanks for that!

I've got yet one more post.

The motherboard got it's glamour treatment: the heatsinks have been painted to match the mod's color scheme. 
RGB lighting installed and blinkiinging away nicely. The power and reset switches were a real pain to get working in the middle of the night, they require 6v input and all I had was a 12v power rail. 


Please check the second post on the first page for all the glory shots.

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On 2017-5-20 at 11:35 PM, ecr said:

Congratulations for the win! I was rooting for you and this project. Great job! :grin:


On 2017-5-25 at 8:40 AM, Marius said:

Excellent job, doc' !

Congratulations !!!


thank you guys for your support!

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