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Time to be eternal! Here is my project entry based on the upcoming Doom Eternal, so be ready for a lot of flesh, demonic runes and tons of RGB :D


Here is eternal, The XB casemod. Hand modeled parts, some 3dprint, airbrushing and lightning effects to bring the he11 to earth! B) 






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For this casemod, the choosen case is the HAF XB, a cool tower with a lot of space for everything i want to do. Just a few pictures to keep as reference, to the coming (corrupt) transformation!

20190813_150120672_iOS 3.jpg

20190813_150120672_iOS 4.jpg

20190813_150120672_iOS 5.jpg

20190813_150120672_iOS 1.jpg

20190813_150120672_iOS 2.jpg

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Here begins the transformation... adding some details to front.IMG_6192.thumb.jpg.42339dea321c300ab28db5999c4c4b69.jpgIMG_6193.thumb.jpg.1b0e5a3fa47f1708611976c1c0d890d7.jpgIMG_6194.thumb.jpg.e029403b1d03539a59178bf41e08f1c7.jpg


Aaand Making a new window for the side cover... The left and right covers were flip, to keep the handles to carry the case and fit the new window design. This new window allow to watch the internal components better, with some effects.


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Adding a new spot for Coolermaster Badge... Hopefully it will be backlight with argb fans. Plus, some flesh effects to fix it more "organic" D:




Playing some time with Zbrush, i did this model, 3d printed later. But still, the help of hand tools (3d pen) is needed. Thinking to use it as chandeliers :D



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Working on the other side panel... Just display Eternal logo and some addons...




Some areas of the grill were cut to improve apareance, like coming from the case.




Finally, playing with the 3d pen... The good thing is, i always have filament for 3d pen xD



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After modeling, time to paint... These days have been busy, running to finish at time. 



The power button has a small update, like the skull-keys of the game...



Final touch for front panel: Flames :D




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After paint the left cover (the windowed), adding some engraved glyphs with dremel 


This is my favorite pic (because it was taken in a difficult position xD)



Adding some lights in the back to enlight the glyphs, don't know what it means but looks cool! (hope i won't invoke anything weird)


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Adding details over the reservoir (modeling with polymer clay and airbrushing).




Also the masterliquid pump-block comes for action! Details in the exterior leaving open the argb system.




In order to use rigid tubing, some changes were made... New fittings for the block



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