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Recaro C700M


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Hi @ all,


this Project was build for the Gamescom 2019, it was used at the Recaro Booth to show it together with their new Gaming Chairs.

Like you can imagine we used the Recaro Colors (Black and White) for this build.


We started this Project with a stock C700M Case which we took completely apart in the first step so that we could change the Colors of nearly all parts....














Before we continued the disassembly Process, we also made a quick template for the Grill on Top of the case so that we could recontruct the Shape and make our own pattern which matches the rest of our build....













As next we started to Sand and Polish the Casehandles. The upper Side of the handles will be polished the downside will be painted in the next steps. ....







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As next we cut out a new Grill for the Top of the Case. Therefor we prepared a matching pattern and cut everything out of an Aluminium sheet. In the next steps we made a bend in this part like the original Top Grill has, so that we can mount it on Top of the Case once it is painted......







Beside that we finished the sanding process on the Case Handles and started to polish them....







Beside that we also put Primer on the first Parts of the outer shell, so that we could start the Painting Process as next.....








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