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This is our Second Project for the CMWS2019....


it will be a scratch Build Project and we already started the Building Process in November 2018. 

This Project will be Based on one of the most Popular Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy - Boba Fett.


We Plan to build a Bust of his upper Body which will be mounted on a Base which will contain the PSU and Radiators for the Custom Watercooling Loop.

It will look like this when we´re finished....




Before we could start the Printing Process of approx. 360 Parts (only for the Bust) we had to optimize rescale and optimize our Model for the 3d Printing Process. But it was worth the time, because now i theoretically could wear his armor by myself. For the Printing Process we cutted the whole model into little pieces which could be handled by our Printer and finally started the Printing Process.......








Like you can see, after finishing the Printing Process of those small chunks, we directly started to sand their surface and started to weld them together like a giant 3d Puzzle.....








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At this point there were approx. 310 pieces left, which had to be printed, so we grabbed our 2nd Printer and shared the work between both of them. While one Printer was printing the parts for the Torso, the 2nd Printer started to print the Parts we needed to build the Head.

So from now on, we worked on 2 Parts at the same time to save a bit of time (and still it should take more than 3 month to print all parts - even though we printed 24/7 even over the christmas holidays)


After finishing the Printing Process of the first Head Parts we directly started to put them together so that we could start the sanding process, so that we will get an nice and even surface.....








Then, after we welded & glued  the first parts together we also started to add some bondo....so that we can start to smooth the surface with a lot of sanding....

I think overall each piece was sanded and filled with bondo a couple of times until the surface was so smooth and even that we could add some primer to it.






And naturally beside the sanding we were printing the next batch of pieces....







When the Printing Process of the Head was completed we directly switched to the next parts, and started to print the pieces for the Jetpack of Boba Fett, naturally he needed his backpack and it were only 70-80 parts to print.....so let´s give him a chance to Escape the Sarlacc Pit....






As Soon as the printing for the Jetpack & Torso was finished, we could start to build both arms,  each Printer 1 Arm.....and another approx. 150 Parts to go.....





When Both Torso and Head were sanded and filled with bondo, we attached the Head as fast as we could to the Torso, so that we could make a solid connection between those 2 Parts. After attaching the Head and welding everything together we filled the complete Head and the Upper Part of the Torso with some liquid foam so that the connection between those parts will be very strong. We already knewed that we have to Transport Boba to the German Casemodding Mastership laying on his back, because he would fit in our Cars in an upright position. And while we had to transport him in a laid position we had to ensure that the head won´t come loose. 

After filling in the Foam, we waited until it was dry and then we added a solid layer of fibre glass under the foam (in the Torso) so that the Foam won´t be visible when someone looks inside. After that we did the same to the Arms and Blaster, just to be save that nothing falls apart....





Somewhere in between we grabbed the Torso and added an opening to the backside so that we could mount the Hardware in it (later we closed that opening again, and replaced it with a bigger opening on the Front of the Body - that way you get a better look on the hardware inside)






In the time between the most of the Hardware arrived....







After the surface of the Body was as smooth as we wanted ....we started to add some primer and  after it was dry we started the rest of the Painting Process which took us nearly a week to be complete.....







As next we started to build a small socket on which we could mount the Bust.

Inside this socket we placed the Radiators for the Watercooling and also the PSU.....








And then there was that moment where we had to put everything together, so that we could show BOBA for the First time to an audience at the German Casemodding Mastership....

















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When we were back from the German Casemodding Mastership we closed the opening on the Backside of the Bust and made a bigger Opening in the Front,  because that we could easier show of the inside of Boba without removing the Jetpack from his back.(And the Opening is also much bigger so that it is easier for us to mount the Hardware inside)






After that we added a few layers of fibre glass to all parts so that they get more rigid and sturdy...we didn´t had problems with the Bust up to this point but we wanted to make sure that we won´t get any problems in the future. Because the new opening is much bigger and the weight of the Build has to be carried ...





We also build a new mainboard tray and a new mounting for the GPU.

The GPU will be connected to the Mainboard through a CM Riser Cable which will be routed along the Backside of the Mainboard Tray. That way the most of the Cables will be routed invisible.






As next we painted the Mainboard Tray and the Inside of the Torso and we also added  a few magnets which will keep the Front in Place when the Bust is closed......



Last but not least we overworked the Position of the Bust on it´s socket and gave the Socket also a new paintjob, before we could mount the Hardware inside and filled the Loop again to check if everything is ok..... 




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