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Hello fellow modding family, friends and sympathisants...


10 Years of modding has brought me here to celebrate the succes of the modding community and support of Cooler Master Modding competitions. Although I'v been modding much longer than that... it all started entering a CM competition like this! 

To show my respect and love to the brand & community I enter this edition to be inspiring you all and keep it original and intuitive... Mod On :notworthy:


As we are celebrating the 10th edition of the CMWS and the growth of the modding community I was thinking to go for a celebration theme... for me that means Gold, bling/bling and Diamonds haha :king:  .... So the theme was set and it was time to execute the plan as good as possible. 






BIG thanks to Cooler Master, Asus ROG Benelux , Gskill, Bitspower, Patriot Viper Gaming , Cablemod for the continues support and trust in me! And myself as PC-customs.be :cool:  












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The Gold i choose to use was a mix of 24K gold chrome wrap, gold power coating, gold 3D fillament and last but not least real 24K Gold plating (to expensive/never again lol) 

The only wrap i trusted enough to use was one that was used in car wrapping industry and was purchased here

After it arrived it was wrapping time! The foil was quiet thick so very hard to handle around the smal corners etc... heat gun helped a lot :blob6:

I started practicing on the mobo first ...








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With the exterior almost completed it was time for the interior of the case... I like to play with all the space inside a case and this time i came up with this crazy internal design. Its a central positioned mobo tray that is moved to the middle of the case. To keep the IO connections still accessible i needed to come up with this V shaped back plate that allowed it to still be accessible and still let the hot air evacuate easy on booth the front and back side of the mobo tray.

I also designed a custom PSU shroud with air vents and see trough window on the side.The grid vent design I got inspired by Louis Vuitton hand purses (don't ask why lol) 

After all the fusion 360 drawings where made it was time to fire the lasers and hit the bending table. Ones it was made and fit in place it let it powder coat in the most similar gold colour i could find. The results was great luckily.



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With the interior ready it was time to focus on the side panels again, Cooler Master NL was so nice to send me a second TG side panel. The whole idea with the central mobo design was to have not only one side but two sides to look at so i needed to have two tampered glas side panels. After i made the same Louis Vuitton template to match on a side panel it was time to cut the vinyl gold chrome and put it on the windows. OMG that looks so smexy isn't it? 8-)   



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