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as-modding: World of Warcraft - Shadowlands

Andreas Stich

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although not everything went as planned (not getting materials in time, having another contest inbetween etc.) i was able to finish the mod, even tho it is "NOT" exactly like i wanted it to be :)

But i think it still is really cool, for myself getting a 3D model like this done.


first i had to finish the citadel:



and paint it of course




the case needed some paint too, i chose to colorize it like the "broken sky":



first colors i bought did not exactly get it done, so i ordered a few more. :)



meanwhile it was all set to get finished, i ordered the missing pieces and chose to participate in another contest.

what i did not expect was another lockdown period and the delivery taking so long (i literally picked up the package 23. of january which i ordered early december).

AND on top of that i realized they sent me false pieces - i ordered 33x33 cm acrylic glass for the side panel i wanted to replace, and i recieved a 30x30 cm piece.

so there was no way of getting this done like i planned.



atleast the styrofoam i could use and so i started to cut out a base and a mountain for the citadel:



to make it more realistic looking (atleast in my opinion) i used some modelling plaster and covered the whole thing:



also some acrylic paint was used:



meanwhile i did one ~20cm 24 pin extension with some MDPC-X sleeves which i thought fit:



after that i just installed the hardware



and had to set it all up (windows, polychrome etc) for the right RGB lighting.


at the end to get some more details i printed a slimmed World of Warcraft Logo and gave it some paint:



And i did use the existing side panel to atleast have something there - the original plan was to make a shatted acrylic panel, which i could not (because of the 3cm missing).



The rest of it will be submitted and seen as "finished":



Thank you guys!

Even tho i could have done some things different and maybe with other circumstances the outcome would be another i am satisfied with the result.

Hope you like it too!



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