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as-modding: World of Warcraft - Shadowlands

Andreas Stich

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Illidan would say: You are not prepared.

I am so glad he is "part" of another expansion. 😆


So hi there, i'm Andreas - aka. as-modding. This is my 3rd CMWS and hopefully not the last.




Inspired by the upcoming expansion, which hopefully turns out better than the last ones, i want to create a authentic scene (if possible ingame scene) which can directly be identified as WoW Shadowlands.




Always trying to learn a few new things, i want to make use of airbrush this time.

New to me also will be trying to sculpt stuff - I hope this all works out well. 😁

Also the use of epoxy and acrylic might be possible.




My sponsors for this build are Coolermaster and AsRock. Thank you guys for making this one possible.

Hardware photos will follow.


Case: Coolermaster MasterBox Q300L


CPU: -

Mainboard: AsRock H470M Pro4


GPU: -

RAM: -

Storage: -

PSU: Coolermaster MWE Gold 650


CPU Cooler: Coolermaster MasterLiquid ML240 V2


Fans: Coolermaster Masterfan Pro 120




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Before doing anything or changing anything i've put the hardware i recieved for this project into the case to get a general oversight.


For a case that costs under 40€ this thing is sick in possibilities.

Glad i chose it and of course super happy that Coolermaster made it happen (i would have bought it anyways, but well - that's why i love their support).


Note that the bottom fan should be intake not exhaust, but it has a bad fanblade, so i just turned it around.

The H460M Pro4 AsRock kindly provided also does look pretty well in there.




But for now i can leave it as it is and take needed measurements, order stuff and after testing my "ideas" i can start working on it.



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now first of all, the scene i want to "recreate" is addet in the topic.


i started with getting some ceramic modelling clay (air hardening) and i am glad that very early it was obvious that this would not work at all.

at first it was okay to sand down and smoothen after hardening.




but with details ~1mm size it just began to crack and fall off.



now what are you doing when something like that happens?

yes sure, i could have tried other clays and spend alot of money until i might have found one that works but there is possibly not enough time for that (and having to buy some hardware there might be a budged issue aswell).


but hey, i've learned a little bit of it. :)




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after that i decided to give it a try and print the whole thing.


there are no models for actual sizing out there, so i spent alot of time flying around icecrown citadel ingame to get rough measurements.

but the ingame model used is just not what i wanted to recreate, so my model is kind of a mix of ingame / cinematic / imagination.



for now it is just roughly shapes, and i add details one by one because there is no way this could be printed in one piece.

after printing out alot of parts i started adding details and tried out a little bit of paint.









i only can hope it turns out as i want it in the end and despite the fact not being a 100% recreated model is recognizable enough for everyone that knows ICC and can relate it directly to World of Warcraft.

but there is much to do. :)





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a "little" bit work on the tower.


not showing every print seperately, because that would be too much.

adding details to the basic model. 

it gets more difficult, the smalle the objects gets so i had to redo some prints, until it was okay to use.






i also tried using nail-tips as a detail,but that was not looking good at all.



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