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  1. The level of detail is insane, really nice!
  2. Shout-out to my friend Miguel de Freitas, who was there to help me when I needed an extra pair of hands! You're the best bruh! And this is me. Didn't sleep much that weekend tho
  3. Last few weeks I've been busy rebuilding the complete build and placing the cables properly. The loop has been flushed, coolant dyed to purple and filled the loop. No leaks! So now last weekend it was time to try it's first boot. Stupidly enough I placed the RAM back in the wrong slots and the i5 doesn't have enough memory channels to open all 4 of them. But after fixing that, it booted. The temperature of the coolant was jumping up by a 15 degrees C (20 amb. and 35 inside the loop) with having the PC at idle. That is to be expected since the fins need to warm up to activate the ambient ai
  4. Thanks mate! I hope the explanation made some sense writing it in English cracked my brain a couple of times haha!
  5. Small update on previous post: Finally leak tight! Currently building everything back in, getting the cables sorted (as I wasn't satisfied with the first outcome). Piece by piece finishing the inside. Up next, the final touches on the outside as I will be modifying the panels for better air contact. I will do the remaining heat-fins after. This is the Hope controller, made by Nerd Does (UK). He made a aRGB controller with 8 channels which can have over 1024 leds per channel. I wont be using all the channels but it comes with software to arrange the lighting p
  6. Looking really good already! Are you going to use more parts of the MasterBox in the build?
  7. As the title suggests, I am fully working on the radiator. The water cooling loop is pretty much done, but I keep having some trouble with the distro block. I was going to use a PTFE gasket, which is very resistant to high temperatures and (liquid) chemicals, but it was to stiff. I need something more soft to seal of the entire plate. So I went back to a plate gasket from silicone. I've cut the gasket to the right size and doing another leak test; still leaking air. But! It improved a lot, so I just have to optimize and figure out some stuff on where it escapes. I also wanted to tr
  8. Design process. It's been some days since my last update, but had to wait for some parts to proceed to the next steps. I currently got the cables and started on the tubes. My friend tried to solder all the copper with some professional help, but it would not bother unfortunately (see my previous update). Currently the copper cool block will probably be installed near the end of the build since I need some more time to get in proper shape. BUT problems aside: I promised some of you that I would explain how this thing works. Since we won’t use fans but use a natural convection-way
  9. For me personally it's all good regarding materials. Packages come pretty much in as planned. Have some other factors that delay the work by abit. So either way if the deadline remains the same or changed; all fine by me
  10. Creation process So, its almost November already. Time flies… I'm happy I started a few weeks already before CMWS started, because I'm taking things so slow. I would never made the deadline in Januari, if I started any later. Last week I noticed, while figuring out the loop, I was just staring at it for an hour, running the pipes in my head. I have yet faced other problems tho, something with Copper and soldering. I learned a lot there, I'll clarify later in this post. Last few things I have done(/tried) since my update: - The Water cooling loop - Paint every item, on which I didn
  11. Creation process My friend Michael, who is working on the sleeved cables. Awesome job buddy! They are nearly done, soon to be installed.
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