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Baby Project 2020

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Hello. I'm Peter Bartos I live in Hungary, and I’m a tire technician. I’ve started building computers as a hobby 15 years ago. This is my first CMWS entry. 


Baby Project 2020 

I’ve been asked by Cooler Master Hungary to customize a H100 case. They are supporting my hobby for many years now, so I’m gladly accepted the task. I immediately contacted with my other permanent supporter, ASUS Hungary. They helped me in this job with a Mini-ITX motherboard and a GPU. Unfortunately, the card was about 15 cm longer than the case, so I had to do serious modding on the case to fit it. The size of the case gave the name of the project. I knew right away that several components must be placed outside, so I was thinking on a sandwich design. Below the radiator, above is the PSU, which also acts as one of the fans on the radiator. Instead of blowing air through the radiator it sucks it. Next to this, I placed a 120 mm Cooler Master fan which blows the air. I installed the whole extended H100 case on the top of the PSU. I built a frame for the radiator, made of Ovangkol wood. I fitted the radiator into this frame from below. The PSU sits onto this from the above, and then I fastened it with two steel straps. I made a custom fluid temperature gauge from a boiler thermometer and integrated it on the top of the Alphacool tank. I replaced the side of the case with a plexiglass which can be fitted under the decor strip at the top. I created fixing points by reusing Cooler Master parts at the bottom. I attached a lot of photos during the worklog. I hope you enjoy my work, it was a very exciting project for me.











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