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Hello, finally, after a Year of no CMWS, In this CMWS22 we meet again.
my name is Dony . I come from Indonesia. in the world of PC modification, I am better known as Dony Daguar.

This is my 3rd time participating in this CMWS, and the first time I want to try competing in the Scratch Build class.
In this CMWS22, I will take the theme of sci-fi modification and adapt it to my technical semiotics,
i.e. reviving the world's first Tank, for action and re-adaptation in the future.
I will present the British Mark I tank design not in an explicit way, but in an abstraction style
and touch puzzle 3D geometry acrobatics. For the design of this 3D puzzle, I was very inspired by one of the children's toy products.


For this modified PC, I named it DAEDRANOID.
Philosophically, this name is taken from an entity that has the nature of "cannot be killed but can only be thrown away." An anthropomorphic name is appropriate to its maker.

There are too many things that inspire me in CMWS22 this time, and this makes it difficult for me to make the initial sketch.
All these ideas just hang around in my brain and change almost every moment. Maybe because I can't put my ideas on paper
For workmanship and manufacturing techniques, I still use the method I used last year, because I think there is still a lot to explore.


Finally, my hope is to get the best out of this competition.
And to all CMWS22 participants,

"I am proud to compete with all of you"
Good luck all








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when drawing 3D and making the initial sketch is considered a waste of time,

I just draw the Detail Engineering Design into vector format






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