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  1. Sorry, maybe a little late, but better late than never. Congratulations to all winners at CMWS 2020. Thank you for being an extraordinary competitor for me. I can learn a lot of knowledge from you. See you again at the next CMWS GODSPEED
  2. Closing notes this time is the 2nd time I participated in the Case Mod World Series. For some people this is normal. But for us in Indonesia, this is extraordinary. Probably due to the very lack of PC modification competition in our country. So that we (Indonesian modders) have to take part in competitions outside the country more often so that we can continue to be creative. Thank you for the opportunity given to us.
  3. thank you for you appreciation mate
  5. FINAL SUBMISSIONS Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2020 Final Mod >> SURVIVOR foreword : At CMWS20 this time, I was inspired by the way humans can survive when the world's environment deteriorates. I prefer to call it a dystopian condition. My case mod this time made a versatile means of transportation at that time. I only use acrylic sheets with varying thicknesses (2mm, 3mm & 5mm) and acrylic bars with a diameter of 3mm and 5mm. the technique I use is to join the thin sheets together and shape them to make them look dimensional and deep.
  6. make electrical accents. a little too small for my eyes
  7. there is a change in shape, especially in the back panel. if you follow the initial form of the design, there will be a disproportionate shape. The changes do not change the main form of the theme
  8. too many small parts to combine. although its point is only for adding details
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