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HESIODOS ( works & days )


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Greetings everyone 
On this cmws2022 opportunity, apart from the scratch build category, 
I also participated in the tower mod category. 
In this tower mod category, I will use the Q500L case, 
but I will change it to a smaller one. It may be made a version of the Q230L . 
The philosophical approach to the modification theme this time, 
I want to criticizing in a surrealist style the public's misperception of "phandora". 
Why do people always identify this "phandora" with a box? In fact, Pandhora is not square. 

All these ideas just hang around in my brain and change almost every moment. 
Maybe because I can't put my ideas on paper
For workmanship and manufacturing techniques, I still use the method I used last year,
because I think there is still a lot to explore. 

for the modification work this time I still haven't used a 3D printer. because the design made does not need the help of the printer.







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