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Ghost Customs - GHOST (Sci-Fi Building Diorama)

Ghost Customs

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Hello Everyone,


Andrew here of Ghost Customs. I am a PC Modder based in Malaysia. 🇲🇾

This year, I am going to try my skills in building a diorama style case mod. 

The theme I am hoping to achieve is an old sci-fi/industrial structure.

One thing that catches my attention in this year's CMWS is the new category which is the "USE OF REUSABLE MATERIALS". So one of my goal in this project is to use reused/reusable/recycled materials as much as I can.

It is my first time to incorporate reused/reusable/recycled materials(my first time to be conscious if the materials I will use in a project can be reused/reusable/recycled) into a project and it is really challenging. To use materials that you are not sure whether they are going to work or if it will suit your build is really tough. When I started working on the aesthetics, I feel like I am working without direction. As you can see on the 3d plan that I have below, some of the designs are removed and the 3D plan is mostly blank. It is really challenging and at the same time, it is satisfying to know that most of the materials I used are something than can benefit our environment even in the tiniest way.


Aside from PC Hardware components. I would say that around 97% of this project's materials are from reused/reusable/recycled items.

The materials used are: 

     - plastic (used food trays, old/broken toys, hair curlers, candy container, gum container, bottle caps, used straws, old filter cover of some sort, borrowed plastic tube toys, acrylic, PVC Board, PLA)

     - wood (base of the project)

     - aluminum (the frame of the project, soda can, soft wires)

     - others (old capacitor, some chips from broken electronics, motor from a broken hand mixer, screws, pcb board from a dead HDD, LCS fittings)


There are only 2 items that I can think of that aren't reusable in this project: paints/makeups and putty


With regards to the PC Hardware, I really wanted to paint it and put some rust on it to make it blend with the theme.

But as much as I wanted to modify the hardware, I also don't want to ruin the elegance of the hardware. It's difficult to decide which option to choose, but for now, I'm going to look at it as a sci-fi industrial structure equipped with modern machinery.



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Big thanks to COOLER MASTER MALAYSIA for sponsoring this project



image.jpeg.31bcb4be31f9ac5190a45c1b90980cb9.jpeg  image.thumb.jpeg.206aed4f7b8682fd7079f1cd17a474bd.jpeg


308790138_463610175818413_416354908149965061_n.thumb.jpg.3b5b1ec86e08f374c5908aa3d6a5597d.jpg  image.thumb.jpeg.5480812713427f23c52ab44c48a8407d.jpeg





image.thumb.jpeg.fa4dc098f5e9331831acb690a00a0458.jpeg  image.thumb.jpeg.21ffa8017c56b826372ea2aff23d1846.jpeg





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adding photos for the product that arrived
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Hey guys, i've been busy this past weeks trying to finish this project.

Here are some updates on the project.


I added some designs on the left side of the MoBo. This is where the MoBo 8pin cable will pass through.

The idea is to pass the cable through a tube then to this structure.


1.thumb.jpg.66b69bedf5caba436d030cd02c7738b9.jpg   2.thumb.jpg.f50ca76abcbdd4453b6f6395705f93bd.jpg




I also added a box on the right side of the main structure where I will be putting some more design, also, i added some tubes for aesthetics to match the theme.









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