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Since I already finished the main structure of the build. Now is the time to pull out some TRASH. LITERALLY TRASH.

I kept the food containers from supermarkets, asked the neighboring kids for their empty gum containers(the orange, green and violet thingy). Some used straw(of course, MY OWN used straw. LOL)

I also ask my Aunt for her hair curler.(the baby blue one). Some soda caps. Empty soda cans, a broken gun and a broken toy train from my nephew. I also "borrowed" 😅 some of my nephews pipe toys.(will show it later on the pic on where I used the "borrowed" pipes. LOL






Now that I already have all these trash, it is time to think on what and where the h*ck I will use all this stuff 🤣






Now for the broken gun and broken toy train, I dismantled it and played with it on where it can be placed.

I also included the food containers and straws here and there. And to my surprise, I was satisfied on the outcome.


Oh and the white one covering the PSU is a 3D printed part, which was supposed to be a "VENT".  I was not sure about it but still play along with it.

On this photo, you will also see the "wire"  that passthrough the tube that I was talking about on my previous post.






Now for the "borrowed" pipes. I used some of it on the soda can, candy container. I also used my Aunt's hair curler on the soda can to give it some more elements. The goal is to make it look like a gasoline/water/liquid container of some sort.

I do also have a broken hand mixer, the thing with a green wheel thingy on the top is the motor of the broken hand mixer.

I used the gum containers and put the soda caps in between. I also added some hair curler on the soda caps to add more elements to it. The goal on this is to make it look like some sort of generator/electricity thing.






When I went to our refuse room(i am living in a condo), I saw this filter cover of some sort, and got an idea of it to be some rails thingy on the build. So I picked it up and wash it.

Also, in this photo, you can also see where I used the "borrowed" pipes. I also used some of my extra liquid cooling stuff. 

I also used an old resistor I have around(the gold thing in the middle - I can't remember where I got it from).

A construction toy was also used and placed near the resister and under the LCS tubes.(yellowish and gray color)






Now, let's start playing with the filter cover I found. I used it in 2 different section. First, I combine the food tray and the filter cover to make an arched grill(one in circle, sorry was not able to take a proper photo for this), and the second one is just a grill cover on the front to give some extra element below the ROG logo.


9.thumb.jpg.6ab6503a51be1efb76dcd77afb4ab0f9.jpg    11.1.thumb.jpg.d22397c3e432269f9774513ae8b0fd41.jpg






Here are some extra photos of the progress and some dry fitting of hardware.













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I also did add some designs using some Sintra/Foam/PVC board.






I painted the gun and train purple to have some contrast of color on the build to give the project some pop. (That's what I think at that time. 😅)

I do also add some vent looking 3d printed parts.








I also want to add some "tubes" to give it a more industrial look.






I also added Sintra/Foam/PVC board at the back. You can also see from this shot the other toy train I use. I used some chips from broken electronic board.






With all the design done. I painted all the components black. During the painting process, I thought to myself that this thing will look sick in black.










When the base paint dried, it is now time for some "MAKE-UP". Don't tell my wife that I used her make-up on this project.






Being a "makeup artist" is d*mn hard. Made the rust effect using some makeups.

At this point, I also added some puttyfilla on the base/floor to add some texture to it.

While staring at it, I felt something is missing, the thought of "it will look sick on black", all gone. So I added some light smudges of white paint allover the build and tried adding rust effect on the main structure. And you know what, for me, it looks s##t. Rust effect paint is not even visible on the main structure because it is color black.






I am really not happy with the result, so I changed the base coat from black to white then add back the rust effect on the pipes and add the rust effect on the main structure, as adding a "rust effect on black" is a s2pd idea. 😅










You know what, after painting it white and added all the rust effect, I was "kinda" happy with the result. The rust effect are visible on the main structure, but this time, it was too visible, to visible in a sense that it was not pleasing to my eyes. The white area being white is making it look so flat, no texture to it. And being flat is not the output that I was really hoping/looking for. So guess what I did? I painted it black again. Painting base coat 3 times is fun, right? LOL. For me this is all part of the process of modding. Not satisfied with the result, do it again. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result. 






This time around, I tried a different approach. I painted the tubes gunmetal silver first so it can have the more steel like look rather than just playing with the makeup to achieve the steel effect.

And regarding the main structure, instead of "light smudges", I smudged the s**t out of it. And guess what, I was freaking happy with the result.

You can now see some textures on the main structure, the rust effect will definitely be visible and will not be as bright compare to having the base color white.

You know, at this point, I was really happy with the result. Repeating the process 3 times is worth it.




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Finally, the project is COMPLETE.



Hello Everyone,

Andrew here of Ghost Customs. I am a PC Modder based in Malaysia. 🇲🇾

This year, I am going to try my skills in building a diorama style case mod. 

The theme I am hoping to achieve is an old sci-fi/industrial structure.

One thing that catches my attention in this year's CMWS is the new category which is the "USE OF REUSABLE MATERIALS". So one of my goal in this project is to use reused/reusable/recycled materials as much as I can.

It is my first time to incorporate reused/reusable/recycled materials(my first time to be conscious if the materials I will use in a project can be reused/reusable/recycled) into a project and it is really challenging. To use materials that you are not sure whether they are going to work or if it will suit your build is really tough. When I started working on the aesthetics, I feel like I am working without direction. As you can see on the 3d plan that I have below, some of the designs are removed and the 3D plan is mostly blank. It is really challenging and at the same time, it is satisfying to know that most of the materials I used are something than can benefit our environment even in the tiniest way.


Aside from PC Hardware components. I would say that around 97% of this project's materials are from reused/reusable/recycled items.

The materials used are: 

     - plastic (used food trays, old/broken toys, hair curlers, candy container, gum container, bottle caps, used straws, old filter cover of some sort, borrowed plastic tube toys, acrylic, PVC Board, PLA)

     - wood (base of the project)

     - aluminum (the frame of the project, soda can, soft wires)

     - others (old capacitor, some chips from broken electronics, motor from a broken hand mixer, screws, pcb board from a dead HDD, LCS fittings)


There are only 2 items that I can think of that aren't reusable in this project: paints/makeups and putty


With regards to the PC Hardware, I really wanted to paint it and put some rust on it to make it blend with the theme.

But as much as I wanted to modify the hardware, I also don't want to ruin the elegance of the hardware. It's difficult to decide which option to choose, but for now, I'm going to look at it as a sci-fi industrial structure equipped with modern machinery.


Here's the final photo for this project "GHOST".


Part 1


























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