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CincaiLah - Myvi, King of The Road

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Welcome to My Worklog

Hello everyone

I am CincaiLah, a university student from Malaysia 🇲🇾. My Modding Name CincaiLah is actually a common slang that Malaysians use which translates to "Whatever" or "Anything".


I've recently taken interest in PC Building. Since I've always had an interest in DIY crafts as well, I've been inspired to participate in the CASE MOD WORLD SERIES 2022 by building a PC from scratch. With little experience in PC Building/Modding that I've gained purely from YouTube videos, I still have a lot to learn in the world of pc building. Nonetheless, I'll be giving the best I have in this series. Wish Me Luck.


My current PC is a mini-ITX PC. Despite having decent hardware, its performance suffers from thermal throttling due to bad airflow. So, my plan for this project is to build a PC case with better airflow and an improved cooling system. One of the challenges I’ve set for myself is to improve the overall performance of the pc while also keeping the cost of the project as low as possible. Therefore, apart from the cooling upgrades, most of the components will be reused from the current PC. This Project also does not have any sponsor.


The design of this PC case will be based on a car, the Perodua Myvi.


What is a Myvi? 

Myvi is a car model manufactured by Perodua, Malaysia's largest car manufacturer. Myvi shares the same exterior design as the Toyota Passo as well as the Daihatsu Sirion.


But why the Myvi?

Well, here in Malaysia the Myvi has earned the nickname “King of The Road”. This nickname came with a good reason as Myvis are often seen achieving seemingly impossible feats. From driving through floods like a submarine to flying across large drainage canals, the Myvi has done it all. Being a small hatchback, the Myvi has earned a reputation for being small but mighty which is why I have chosen the Myvi as the design for the case. Despite having ITX size and low-profile components, this PC is not one to be looked down upon. The Myvi design symbolises the small but mighty attitude, and showcases one of the most iconic parts of Malaysia 🇲🇾 to the world.


Hardware Specifications

These are the hardware that I am using for this Project.

  • CPU Cooler - CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L ARGB V2 (New)
  • Case Fan - 2x CoolerMaster MF120 S3 120mm ARGB (New)
  • CPU - AMD RYZEN 7 3700X
  • RAM - 2x Kingston Hyper X Fury DDR4 3200MHz 16GB 
  • SSD - Silicon Power NVMe PCle Gen3x4 1TB
  • PSU - FSP Hydro PTM Pro 650W 80 Plus Platinum Full Modular PSU (New)



For the materials, I've collected some abandoned wooden pallets from the recycling centres, so I'll be mainly using recycled wood.


Below are some pictures for your reference, more updates coming soon!

Myvi KoTR.png

My Current PC Size.png

Free Wooden Pallets.png

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Project Planning
To plan everything out, I downloaded the 3D Model of a Myvi and my PC Components from SketchUp then tried to fit the components into the Myvi. I’ve tried using different CPU Coolers and PSU as those are the two parts I’m gonna upgrade. After a lot of trial and error, the problem I had with Air CPU Coolers is that it takes up too much vertical space. For an Air CPU Cooler to fit in the case, the case would have to be much larger, which wouldn't fit on a regular desk. For the PSU, I will be getting a Fully Modular PSU as we have limited space for cable management. Throughout all the variants of layouts I've designed, the layout with CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L ARGB V2 AIO CPU Cooler and 2 fans will be the best fit. The case will be 574mm in length as this layout will have the best heat flow and dimensions.


After deciding on the layout, I began by designing a frame in SketchUp. Like a real vehicle, this frame will hold the exterior shell of the car as well as the components. I then imported the 2D dimensions of the frame to Adobe Illustrator to print them out with a 1:1 ratio. This is to be used as a guide making the base.

This design and planning process took me 10 days in total.

SketchUp Layout.png

SU layout 1.png

SU Layout 2.png

AI Heatflow.png

SU Final Layout.png

Final layout SU with label.png

Base frame plan.png

AI 1to 1.png

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Day 1 of starting
However, as this is my first time trying to disassemble, I've done some research online on pallet dismantling but still I do not have the proper tools nor the experience to do this efficiently. I even tried using a car jack but it didn't really work but luckily a pry bar did the job and I also got some help from my dad as it is much easier to dismantle them with 2 people. I also removed the nails.

This dismantling process took about 6 hours

Day 1.1.png

Day 1.2.png

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Day 2

Before gluing, I roughly clean the wood planks with a wire brush and grit 60 sandpaper then glued the planks together with Latex glue to make a larger piece of wood to make the side frames. As I do not have any professional tools to make the wood planks surface completely flat, applying the glue was hard as the surface was uneven. Not to mention I also only had a single clamp to hold them while waiting for the glue to dry as I only had one clamp at the moment but somehow it glued up perfectly at the end. I can only make one piece at a time so I repeated the same process the next day for the second piece.

Day 2.png

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The PC Parts arrived

My current old PC build I only had a 400w PSU, so I’ve decided to get an upgrade to the FSP Hydro PTM Pro 650W 80 Plus Platinum Full Modular PSU. For the CPU Cooler I'll be using the CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L ARGB V2 and 2 CoolerMaster MF120 S3 120mm ARGB as 2 extra case fans. I've purchased all the parts online and they had finally arrived today. 



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Day 3

After preparing the wood, I then printed out the design of the Myvi onto A4 papers with 1:1 ratio then cut them into the shapes and pasted them together in order. The paper template is then pasted onto the wood as reference for cutting later on.1548495165_Day3.1.thumb.png.e2eda3e76d7434bee700f49d8aebf837.png

Edited by CincaiLah
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The Jigsaw was hard to control for a beginner like me which caused me to accidentally cut into the frame itself.  I had to glue the wood back before continuing. Other than that, I could not properly ensure that I was cutting at a 90-degree angle since I was using handheld tools, causing some of the cut off points to be at a slight off angle. Therefore I'll have to sand the edges to ensure it's at 90-degree.



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After a lots of trials and errors, I realize I really need better and more tools to work with in order to get precise cuts and a proper working space as this process is producing way too much sand dust where it's hard to clean and might affect my neighbors. I am not giving up this project yet but I'll have to pause this project for now before I can find a better place and tools to work with. Stay Tuned!



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Day 4 

I did some redesign because there were some problems with the old design such as the frames are hard to put together and also the wooden frame was too thin to carve details onto. The old design was not flexible, hard to disassemble and assemble which will cost us a lot of time. 
The new design has a few pillars in between both sides of the Myvi which allows for better support without a base. The benefit of new design is that it is more sturdy, easier to construct which helps save time and also it's easier to disassemble and assemble in the future. The old design was in a U-shape and the new design will be like a sandwich.



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