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BT-CustomPC - AiO


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This Project started a few month ago in a conversation with a Friend. He was talking about how nice it would be to put a fully custom watercooled PC on the Backside of a Monitor so that he can save some space and still have some eye candy.

With this conversation in our head we often talked about it and how we could do that. And after a while we created a plan how we could do it so that the idea becomes reality. Luckily we were able to get our Hands on one of Coolermasters GM34 curved Gaming Monitors so that we were now in the Position to start our Scratch Build / Non PC Mod Project.


But before we start, we wanted to send a big thank you to Coolermaster, Asrock, Predator, Seasonic & Alphacool for their ongoing Support over the last years!!!!!

And naturally some eye candy😀










Like you can imagine….first of all we had to unbox this Beauty of a Display to take a look on it and to start measuring all the Parts which were relevant for our Project.










With all the Measurement taken, we could start with a mount for the Hardware Tray. Those mountings will be used to attach them and the Hardware Tray to the Original Monitor Stand.

They are printed on one of our Resin Printers so that we got the highest accuracy on the Threads.









After that, we transferred the Measurements we had taken, on a big sheet of aluminum, which we will use to mount our Hardware on it.









As everything was transferred, we grabbed our Drills and Jigsaw to start the drilling and cutting of all the holes and openings we will need










After this cutting and drilling, we had to bend the aluminum sheet so that is flows with the Curve of the monitor.











And then we could add some Paint to our Hardware base, so that we could let it dry and start to work on some of the other Parts.













Therefore we grabbed the radiators for the Watercooling and a part of the Monitor Stand, so that we could add some fresh paint in a pattern which reminds on the CM Color Scheme on the Box of the Monitor.













With all those little things prepared....we could start to assemble the first parts...














beside that we also prepared the GPU for watercooling and prepared the first tubes...



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In the last days we finished the Hardtubes for the Loop and did some leak testing....



and today we made some Shots of the completed System....i´m pretty sure those won´t be the last of it, but enough to complete the worklog before the end of the worklog phase...







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