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Coolermaster Lamborghini Cosmos version 2


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i was thinking of this lettering some nice bling bling


i just wonder how much Lamborghini totted of diamond.wow i love it.. :bounce:


Letterhead printing

well i looked into lettering it was something like 300 usd ... :shock: so i think i will pass on that just sorting out the lambo bull now .. they are getting painted chrome then calling it a day as you can see for urself its costing me alot for doing all this here a bill for the vents shippings a killer to thailand vents $60 then shipping to thailand $55 if i can get a lcd touch screen for around 200 usd with shipping then i'm going to add that to this then sorted nooo more and when i can afford it i will add a few more gpu cards but these things take time ive been doing the from last dec i think everybody thinks i'm ritch i'm not i wish just called saving and i'm good with saving money


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