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Contagion - My 922 Haf Mod - **Finished**


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I needed to finish the back 120mm fan grill so I could start attaching fans. I did not like how this came out in the beginning (it was probably the first piece I painted for the mod) and did not even know if I would use it.

But this actually being the piece that started the whole theme, I decided to give it another go, since it seems like a long time since I first painted this.


So I scuffed down the yellow and gave it a light sanding and taped it back up.


Prime the center. Let it dry.


Hung it up and gave it a few coats of semi gloss.


Let it dry, and then let it sit for a day to cure some while I did other things.


I needed some hardware for the fans and I had some socket cap bolts and nyloc nuts just needed some color. So I scuffed them down.


Primed and painted them.


This is what turned out.


They where a little long so I needed to shorten them. I only wanted about 1/4" sticking out beyond the nuts.


Next I wanted to add some u-channel to give it some extra sound dampening.


Busted out my handy heat gun to get the corners to where I wanted them.


Fit nice, The gun makes it easier to for to a tighter angle as you can see.


The finished rear fan.


The inside view of the fan.


Here is the front view of the fan. You can see I used the yellow bolts.


You can see here I used black nuts as I thought it looked better this way.

Not a huge update, just another thing done.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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Well here is a small update. But this update has the completed (almost) outside of the chassis. I still have a few small things left, but they are not part of the case. Hope you enjoy.

Front View. Still need to work on the DVD eject button and stealth drive.


Top IO Panel is completed.


Windowed Panel. Still have things I want to try out, but nothing on the outside.


Back of case is done, Have one last thing to finish, but not part of the case.


Mobo side. All done.


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Small update of some components I had arrive. Hoping for another delivery tomorrow which means I need to start hustling alittle on the interior.

Some parts arrived. Even though I planned to recycle my older components, I decided that I would upgrade some components and reuse a few pieces that I can't afford guite yet. After some time of saving up for some parts, I decided to try to get as much as I could. So I kept an eye out for deals and get them when the price where good.


As you can see, new motherboard.


Not the high end, but for my purpuses for the build, I think it will be good until I pass it down to my wife in my hand me down computer upgrades. Kids being last, and depending on the schoolwork and behavior who gets what.


Some DDR3 1600 memory.


Both together.


Sorry crappy pic, the flash is out of my control. Well at least you can see what it is. The new and first SSD that Im going to use as my boot drive.


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I test fitted the motherboard that arrived. My camera does not like me, as there is no way to turn off the flash since the lcd screen is broke. So please bear with me on some of these pictures.

I wish I would have planned ahead, but most that has been done has been an afterthought. Being my first mod, I did not make any cuts before painting, so every time I do something I need to correct my errors as I go.


I decided I needed some more wire management holes, as I did not the wires to be seen to much. So I laid out where I wanted to cut.


I'm going to be making three more hole for this.


Found where I wanted to drill, and used my center punch. This punch is much easier then my old ones, no extra tool needed. I would've ended smashing something if I needed a hammer.


Drilled out the holes.


Then cut out with my rotary tool.


Filed it down, and the cutting left some heat marks,


Cant really tell from a distance, so I figured I would try the easy way first hoping it surface scuff.


Busted out the rubbing compound and wax and hoped for the best.


By this time it was after dinner, and past sunset so I had to rely on a single lamp for light.


I put my molding on.


Here to.


Then filled it with a foam backing. I knew by now I was screwed. It looked like crap to me and I couldn't have it.


I knew I was going to have to redo it the next day, so I decided I wanted to see how the bottom would come out. With the lip on the hole, I could not keep the molding looking good. So at least I knew what I needed to do the next day.


Stripped out the bottom grommet. You can't see the mess from a distance, but my head is going to be in that case...so enough said.


Preparing to cut the lip off.


I actually got an action shot for you all....one handed cutting :)


Test fit my molding. Which fit much better. I now know that if there is a hole there, don't think you won't have to do any work to it. Live and learn.


Looks kind of rough, but once I put the trim and foam on it will not be seen.


Now to fix I late night mistakes. A little painting. Yea, I cheating and only doing the one spot.


I came out lighter than the rest, but I'm not done yet. I will fix my mistakes.


Gave it a nice wet sand. I forgot to take a picture, but I did a very light coat of clear then another light sand.


Then onto the rubbing compound...again.


Then the wax...again.


Much better.


A closer look at the repair.


Also the bottom wire management hole looks much cleaner to me. The molding sits much better without the lip, as it should.


A view of all of them.


Test fitting the motherboard again.


Looks much better.


A larger view to see.


You can see all wire management holes. I am happy with the way the fix came out. Just wish I thought ahead. But hindsight is great. Lost a couple days because my impatience on my build, luckily I still have two weeks left. Still have components coming, and still to tear some out of my current rig. But I am happy with the way it is turning out. Mistakes and all.

Hope you enjoy.


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Nice work. One thing I learned is always try to have all the internals at hand or something comparable.

Thanks pcjunkie. I learned that also :) When I first got my case my whole plan (and only plan) was to paint the interior and just swap components out. But I got carried away and my mod just evolved. I have learned alot from this case, and I believe I will be prepared for my next mod with a better plan of attack.

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This is my temporary case I have been using. I had this for 7 years, and the thing has held up good, even with two kids abusing it. It has been passed through everyone at least once, and finally back to me. This will be my next project I do for the wife when mine is done. Enough of memory lane. Jeesh look at that dust :(


I needed to reuse some of the components that are housed in here. I have a 5850 that I planned on using, but I also need a power supply and a harddrive.


So I needed to do some work. The power supply has blue leds in it, and I of course can not have that. I was going to just get rid of all the leds and, but decided to put some small 3mm yellow in there, just for a soft glow.


So I broke the seal (good bye warrantry) and pulled the fan out.


I really struggled getting these leds out...they must have known they where doomed.


They fought me every inch of the way. I tried everything, nothing worked, except


Some Gentle Persuasion with a screw driver. Luckily I did'nt need them for anything.


Soldering on the 3 mm yellow leds.


Made sure I used some heatshrink to cover any of my mistakes with soldering.


All done getting ready to install the leds back in.


Had to use the glue gun to position the leds as the where smaller the the hole.


Once done, tested it all to make sure I didn't screw anything up.


You can barely see the yellow leds, they are brighter actually but I cannot turn off the flash on the camera (ever). But they give a soft glow, and that is all I wanted.


Back together, and working. Now I need to start some sleeving tonight.


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Looking at the back IO Panel and it just wouldn't look right to just put this in, there would be an interruption in the flow of things. This would stand out (plus it looked awful when I put it in).

So it needed some work. Gave it a scuff, just for good measure.


I gave a very light prime as I did not want the vinyl that was on to peel off. (It separated the usb ports)


Also had to do the back, I couldn't have something silver looking in there.


All primed up and ready for tape. And I cannot find the pics of the panel taped up. I spent awhile and made a test IO panel to make sure I like it before I painted it.


I can not find any pics of painting for some reason, but I painted the back first and forgot to tape up the holes so I had some overspray that needed fixing.


After repainting the back.


And here is the front view of the IO Panel.


Different view.


IO Panel installed.


And another so you can see it.

Hope you enjoyed my small update.


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A little update on what I received. Still short a few pieces which I acquired from my previous build. IF I am lucky I will be lucky to get something hopefully soon, if not I'll still be satisfied for the time being.

Received a package, superb handling again by UPS.


There was no damage at all on the outside or inside of the processor box.


I also took my first plunge :) into watercooling. After rebate this will only cost about $50.00. Not bad at all I think.


Here is a view of out of the box.


Today's delivery made it here damage free.


So far the components of my build,


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I am using a DVD player that I pulled from my previous rig. I put it in the drive bay and I could see silver.


So I decided I needed to paint the DVD case at least black so it would not stand out in the case.


Disassembled the dvd drive.


Brought it to my paint area, taped it and scuffed it up.


Laid down a primer,


Backside needed to be done, I used the same primer on the plastic as I did for the metal.


I used light coats as I did not want to screw something so easy up.


Gave it a nice little wet sanding.


All dry ready for some paint.


Painted a few coats


Then gave it a light clear coat.


Onto the screws. I did not have any black screws on hand that would replace the current thread, so of course they need some color.


Painted and cleared.


Let it dry overnight before working on the inside.


Now it is time to wire for the Eject button. I want to make this a stealth drive, and Doing that I needed to move the button to a different location.

So I grabbed together what I needed for parts.


Moved the board out of the way.


Drilled out my two holes I needed to run the wires to the back.


You can see the holes on the right side. The one in the back is easier to see, and straight above that is the one to the button location.


You can see how I ran the wires up.


This is where it will come out the back.


The wires will be connected to the board here.


All soldered up.


Attached to my button that I painted earlier and decided not to use. But I will be using it for this now.





My next update will have the stealth drive done, and DVD player installed.

Hope you enjoyed. :)


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