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Tube case

Ráti Levente

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Hi everyone!

I'm from Hungary and this is my first creation. The main properties of my case are the irregular shape and the simple but effective cooling system. I wanted to make an easy to use and low noise pc, with the neccessary fans (at low speed).

So i had to choose a good and simple shape, which is a pvc tube. Shortly I will put everything inside and put two big fan both end of the tube. 39755514.jpg


psu - 400 W (under construction) with Cooler Master 12 cm fan

mainboard - P31

C2D E7200 2.53

2 Gb DDR2 800 Mhz RAM

GeForce 9600 GT 512 Mb with Scythe Musashi cooler

250 Gb HDD

two Cooler Master 200 mm fan

i will upload some pics next time from the first steps.

Hi everybody!

This week was very long for me. I left the job for a week and i could spend some time for my project.

I had to do almost everything during this time. Because of the low budget some parts are made from junk.

At first I obtained the tube what is a rest of a channeling.12862970.jpg

Then I cut four plastic rings what I use to make stable the internal unit. These rings were put on three

iron rods. These rods keep the components.36702961.jpg


I cut out from a donor case some parts as the tray, power button, HDD holder.20038062.jpg48200489.jpg52540161.jpg

I make two hole both side of the PSU with grids and cable sleeving for the better cooling.psu1.jpgpsu2.jpgpsu3n.jpgpsu4.jpg

The lower system fan needs an aperture, so I cut it out too, then put grids there.46331516.jpg97177709.jpg

The upper fan’s aperture with grid is on one of the rings, that will be the cover of the case. 53567072.jpg

After a lot of assembling and disassemling I could set the positions of the components.

When everything was fit I started to paint it. Unfortunately I’m not a professional.28883144.jpg82776160.jpg58440809.jpg25182999.jpg72141635.jpg31068353.jpg







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Great idea and concept, a turbo air cooled tube! And a really brief worklog using oversized photos (800 X 600 is good, at most 1024 X 720 which barely fit but don't need clicking) and slow opening images from Imageshack. Try Photobucket the next time, you will see the difference and is much more advanced...and free.

Tubes are better than squares/rectangles or atleast more unusual. Slick and clean is good. I guess the term for your mod is "simple and effective" which is saying more than a lot of entrees here. The bottom feet make it look like a rocket which would have been a good theme, but I am not complaining. It is cool!

Best of luck!

Cheers and Saludos

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