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  1. Remember Revan ? He’s back !! I worked with a local artist who let me use their work station and taught me how to cast an epoxy resin mold surrounding Darth Revan ! I really like how it’s turned out , all that’s left is to tap some holes in the top and mount it.
  2. So badass !! From the UV Print to the 3D printed face in the front , this build has such a cool vibe awesome
  3. Looking epic man !! Now this is definitely a TekRed Mod !! Helll yah
  4. Okay, let’s put it all together now I think it looks pretty cool!! Some small details I didn’t mention yet, I 3D printed some small translucent lightning bolt effects to attach to the lightsabers, and airbrushed on a bit of colour to add a bit of a glowing effect to the bolts. Ive also attached a single UV LED to the bottom of each reservoir to charge the UV reactive coolant. Let’s hope these lightsabers glow and have the look I’m imagining!!
  5. Well !! Let’s get some work done on the work log shall we Shown below are the 3D printed lightsaber handles Ive made and painted to model after Darth Revan’s lightsabers. These were printed, primed and painted by hand, using mission model paints. I’ll add a couple picture of painting them, it was a very relaxed day spent on them, my favourite. Okay, the lightsabers are ready !! Now, how do we mount them...Ah, time for modding up a bracket to support the dual lightsaber pump/res combos. For this I measured and cut a piece of stock
  6. Ahh badass dude! I can envision what you're talking about and I think that will look pretty slick man, great idea. Can't wait to see it in action.
  7. With the mask complete and painting complete for the main chassis, my attention has been on the lightsaber reservoirs. There will be 2 of them as Revan used 2 lightsabers! One red and one purple, which will feature some epic Mod Water made by ModMyMods! Here is a photo of the lightsaber handles that were made, theyre cleaned up and primed all I've got left to do on these is drill the appropriate holes I'll need for tubing/fittings and to paint them. I plan to paint these with a basecoat by airbrush, then the rest by hand. In addition to the handles and colo
  8. With the main chassis painted a rose gold, and the shroud over the bottom 2x200mm case fans painted a chestnut brown, I was able to start to test fit components back into the case. The system will have a dual loop, with one 240mm radiator on top and one on the front, as you can see. The radiators, fans and CPU block used are all Alphacool for this project! I definitely think the Aurora RGB CPU block looks pretty great on the Asus Maximus board used, and the chrome alongside the RGB will really look great once I get it fired up and the lighting tuned in the way I have planned.
  9. Yes !! Can't wait to see more of this mod man glad you have signed up!
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