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  1. Slight overclock on gpu and cpu and it does nicely. https://www.3dmark.com/spy/17992039?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=result_share&fbclid=IwAR0famotCVD2dO6PWW6ES-r1jOW2dYqYC6tHhRdZtmVMRBgLA57hvRQ5pdk
  2. Assembly! assembly was pretty straight forward, but during assembly I was able to use a 4mm rubber pad , a spring , two rubber washers to raise the left trigger, the pad stuck to the bumper on the left trigger and the spring sat around the bumper and the switch , along with the rubber washers for isolation, to make it easier to bounce the trigger when using single shot guns in fps games. These were the last 4 days I stayed up straight so was running low on sleep and was in a rush , so I sadly had no more photos from assembly.
  3. Stencil time ! But first to wet sand a few more parts. After wet sanding we cleaned our part with waterborn anti static degreaser to get rid of any waxes or compounds and so our stencils would stick nicely and have no paint bleed and then hung my parts to paint matte black.
  4. Now I wet sand ! Now that they were dry, since I didn’t have a booth to use anymore, had to wet sand any polish every piece for a glass like finish and glass like work pallet for stencils and matte black. Even made sure when I painted over the palm part with the CoolerMaster logo to smoke out the palm instead of paint, so I mixed black in with some clear and shot then then cleared over that so I wouldn’t take any color with while wet sanding. And they turned out nicely
  5. The prep work ! Started with preparing the surfaces I was going to paint, started with a 3m scuff pad and then cleaned with waterborn anti static degreaser since it is a plastic part. And then proceeded to hang my parts to paint. first base coat with BMW jet black, and then I spray my clear coat. Now time to wait a few days until dry and then I wet sand.
  6. Starting with taking apart ! I wanted to do a paint job to match the tower mod I did so I started with taking apart the peripherals, the keyboard was easy the mouse was a challenge.
  7. Coming to a end ! This competition has been a fun but stressful one, stressful just because of how many negative outside events happened during this competition then caused me to work my self with little to no sleep the duration of the competition, being a single father, covid, losing my business, the only thing I had left was this competition so I made sure I would finish, so I did stay up for the past 4 days straight and survived on energy drinks. But the end is here , this was the most challenging project I’ve ever did. It wasn’t only a mod but a engineer projec
  8. A little RGB to the situation! Wanted to add some extra light, and remember peeing extrusion slot cover. put two and two together and I hid a Alphacool LED strip inside of the extrusion slot then used extrusion slot cover to hide the wire route.
  9. Motherboard & Component assembly! Made sure to de sticker every component also
  10. More fan stickers ! Had to make sure the big fans matched the mod also , so I sleeved them and swapped stickers which stickers I cut out.
  11. I love golddddd ! Was about time to install the bling bling, was a little scratched up after being moved around and set on different shelfs and spots throughout the mod, so I decided to polish it up.
  12. Going a little out of order ! decided to come back after some sleep and finish filling out detailed build log, its the least I could do to show off the details and just how much work I put into this project.
  13. Bleeding without a resvoir was a pain ! The loop filled easily , but getting the air bubbles out was a hassle. So my plan was hook up a res and run it for a day, and then take the res off and install top panel.
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