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  1. hi guys, here is the first explainer video, the box is more or less finished. just some finishíng touched now and little alterations to the finish line. A better flashy well made video is coming too.
  2. and some more pics, wiring, top sign leds made of thematic icons like street fighter, who can read it! :-) still quite a bit to do
  3. hi guys, so here is another bit of progress. after making myself an overall out of a platsic rubbish sack, i repainted the parts again first in white then in red. so it now has more brilliance when lit up. have stuck in quicte a lot of switches and parts too as well as proped the monitors in. the side lining strips are also in. so it more or less about wiring all up into the self made covers and parts now. the mouse pads have been cut to size and stuck in too. they serve not just as mouse pad in pc mode, but also as wrist rests for thze 5 game buttons as well when in arcade mode.
  4. annnnnndndddd... hi guys, here is a little update and some color. i will have to paint it white first, was a mistake. otherwise i wont get my lush ferrari red.
  5. the top will be lit up with rgb to make it quicker
  6. the next steps were to fix in the monitor which i bought in ebay for 20 bucks a piece. its a pity cm doesnt have monitors, otherwise i would have preferred them. anyway. i made some clips and fixed them opposite each other. the panel with the keyb and controls is flip open. dont need anyscrews for the montor panel either. it will be a PC, a RETRO gamer arcade station and switchable between the two. it will also have two sets of speakers and controls and keyboards as well as a network router inside so i can play sw from the pc to the raspberry pi retor sw emulators.
  7. thx Ann, yes am all in, I just hope the deadline is postponed. Covid issues here are very restrictive and I really want to (like all my fellow modders here I guess) be finished on time. time restrictions should not work out on the quality. anyway, first of all guys, I changed the name. its not RAT PAC PONG! anymore, now its called BIG BAD BATTLE BOX, because its a sheer man against man or women aagainst women battle station. gamer against gamer. its actually mpore than just the two keyboard i am integrating. its a full arcade for two with two moniotr and controls etc.. m
  8. the next step was to start raising an army. i am going to need archers, henchmen, infantry, commanders etc.. what i did was, i bought a pack of little solddiers and cut them in half, down their spines, then i made a silicone mold again to replicate and multiply them. i still need to dremel off the overspilt parts, but the results were just as i wanted. and the army is growing. i will be making chiese ancient bells myself which will be uncoinventional reservoirs too. thats the next step. oh and by the way, i actually made a small sketch this time, but it has already evolved too,
  9. ok guys, its time for an update now. The QIN Dynasty or rather THE NEXT OF QIN`s army is slowly awaking. first of all I would like to share a video of me making one of QINS heads and then a mold of silicone to replicate it with plaster of paris. I made the first head with clay but cannot bake it at 900°s so i opted to use it as a prop for the mold. thats good, because i could then make more than one.
  10. thanks exe. and its good to be onboard again. good to see you and other great artists here as well. well here goes i guess. i recieved the case today so i will start modding the out of it. this one is gonna be a do or dare mod. DEMONS OF THE SIMPLE MIND! is going to be from the deepest end of the darkest soul, of the deadliest demons, from the hottest hellfire! i must drench myself in dread and think like the evil dead for this one. am already in a hurry as i am making this and the keyboard and scratchbuild mod. pics to follow today.
  11. Welcome to my worklog for the Peripheral challenge in the CMWS2020 this one is gonna be fun to make and fun to play with afterwards. Based upon a ........ it will........ and also one can use it to........ having said that, I will use a .......... to make it.............. so that it can ot only be used as a ....... but also as a ....... Having said that, I of course dont want to give everything away yet, so stay tuned to see what happens next. Please keep this information confidential, I have already given enough info about its......... more to come.....
  12. Welcome to my worklog for the cmws 2020 Tower Mod category. This one goes deep! DEMONS OF THE SIMPLE MINDS! yes that is a very provoking topic or theme, you might think. This one is for all those who find evil where none exists and blame good people without reason for all the negative stuff going on around us in the world today. Pious, religious dogmatic, indoctrinative would be truths that like to dictate morals while inciting violence in the name of a greater good, that always ends up in someone getting hurt, harmed or sacrificed. Yep. this is serious stuff
  13. Coming Soon, 221-206BC and beyond, all the way to CMWS 2020! AD Welcome to my worklog of the Scratch build entry for the CMWS2020.Once again I am delving into the history books for this one.I simply love doing this.This one is dedicated to the "QIN" Dynasty and the Terracotta Army which was found in 1974.Much much more to come...The sketches are just the first rough ideas.Details, details and many more dteials, all true to the theme and handmade as usual! Thats the promise.
  14. And then she was ready. :-) Unfortunately, she didnt make the CMWS deadline, but.... She went to the DCMM and she won it as best casemod as well as most spectacular mod. She is also nominated for best casemod at bit tech so if you like here then I welcome your votes there. https://bit-tech.net/features/modding/mod-of-the-month/mod-of-the-year-2019-vote-for-your-favourite-mods/1/ and of coiurse, when you blow out the candle on the altar, the leds are also blown out till the flame is buring again. here are the final pics. May she haunt you in your dreams :-)
  15. hi guys, here are some more developments on THE IRON MAIDEN. without commenting.
  16. hi guys, i got some more paint on certain parts of the front. i also disected a pair of speakers so noe shes has sound too. i also started finishing some of the wiring and routing of cables from the base to the case itself. much more to come.
  17. so here its painted a bit, just need the clear glase coating tomorrow morning. aint she beautiful, and she sheds a tear of mercy for every victim she devours :-) first silvered it off and then highlighted in gold. afetr that brown watered to get the imperfections of rust and oxidatives and weathering and aging a bit. not too much though.
  18. and some more details, finished most of the front now and got the behind the scene soft pipes in.
  19. Hi Guys, here are some more developments of the IRON MAIDEN. I finally almost finsished the base pillars made of beer bottles. Thr GPU Shroud is also monuted now. The monitor lift electromech is working fine and now I can finish the front between the monitor oand the combores. alos I will finish the water loops to get the first liquid in. All my concentration is on the front and top now. Tehn She will be lit up and fired up fior the first time.
  20. and here are some more developements. i made the gpu shroud and also started the side name signs. this time i will be giving it the german as well as the english name, one plate on each side. i first saw an IRON MAIDEN for the very first time some years ago in Nürnberg in Germany and like the german name too. the name signs and the accompanying segments will all have leds behind the gemstones and will look like the cardinal belts of those evil men back in the day who sanctioned the use of this evil device against all they saw as heretics. more to come..
  21. this project is still being completed, but here is s first glance at where its going
  22. thx RK, yeah its scertainly a lot to do still on mine. i have some crazy ideas which all wanna be integrated. am still continuing of course. and will submit what i have tonight, but keep building and posting. good luck to you too. hi everyone, uhoh, today is submittance day, oh well. here is a another update. have got some internal piping done and made the monitor carriage which i am wiring up now. flip of a switch and the moniotr flips out the front. should be done today so i can get some paint on the base. am still working on a holy water finger dipper and it turns on t
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