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Hi modding Legends & followers :cheers:

Finally I will start my buildlog and hope that you all follow it the coming two weeks, it’s going to be a :) of a ride :twisted: .... First I like to thank Cooler Master for this nice competition again ! As always I am glad to participate these modding events. The previous CM modding contest 2012 (Benelux) I finished 3The Place next to Alain S (project White) and the legendary KIER so I have to do my best again.

As you see the project is a (SCRATCH BUILD) -= COSMOS S3 =- The thing is, I will try to make the UBER GREAT CM Cosmos 2 even BIGGER, BETER, COOLER, EXTREMER without anny sponsors 8) !! .... As you can see I will use the TJ11 as chassis lol, bud don’t worry you will not recognize anything off it anymore :wink: ... And yes it was legal to use it, I just had to change it a bid LOOOOL :P .... SO I DID .... Enjoy

Grts Mad Mod Mikey, MikeMaat 8)


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Once I made up my mind and all the light turn green, it’s time to let the lasers go to work and cut the designs... It’s always cool to see something you designed your own see in real life :wink:





Just raw allu with protection foil still on it :wink:

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My intention is to sandblast all the black of so everything is just the original allu color. They say that everything comes back to its roots? Well if I remember the first BIG TOWER case from CoolerMaster was complete allu colored right ? :wink: ...and to be honest, it looks nice between all these black, white, red and acrylic cases today :mrgreen:






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