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"F3"-Scout 2 Advanced mod


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Hello there! I decided to get off the sidelines and jump into this years Mod World Series, so go easy on me, I'm fresh meat.


The idea behind the mod...Well, I'm a bit of a speed junkie, I love fast cars and motorcycles.  I also love fast computers. (I mean, who wants to wait for something to load, right?) So why not combine the two?  But wait that's already been done, cars and bikes use computers all the time for more power and speed.  So why don't we bring the style to computers?  Make something that looks like it's going a hundred miles and hour just sitting on your desk.  I know that's been done before, but I'm hoping to take it up a notch!


The inspiration: the MV Agusta F3 800


Case: Cooler Master Scout 2 Advanced
MB: Asus Z97-PRO
CPU: Intel 4690K
RAM: 8GB Corsair Vengence Pro 2133MHz
GPU: Asus  Strix GTX 980
PSU: Cooler Master V850
SSD: 1-Samsung 850 EVO 500GB, 1-Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 
Cooling: EK Supremacy EVO CPU BLOCK
              EK GTX Strix GPU Block and Backplate
              XSPC Photon 170 Reservoir and Pump Combo
              XSPC EX140 Radiators
              Monsoon fittings and tubing 
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2015 01 16 22.52.54

Yup, forgot to get a picture before I tore it all apart.  But a nice case, my first Cooler Master.

2015 01 18 18.50.07

Z97 Pro, it has a nice set of options but isn't overkill for what I'm building towards.  Plus the black and metallics are going to work better in my scheme.

2015 01 21 22.44.20

Intel's Devil Canyon unlocked i5 with an EK block.  I doubt I'll see much difference between this and my Haswell, but even a small gain is a gain.

2015 01 22 20.38.13

Strix GTX980.  I like the fact that it kills the fans when they're not necessary.  Too bad I won't get to use that feature since they're coming off.

2015 01 24 11.02.35

First Cooler Master PSU, but full modular is going to be soooooo nice.  I won't have to wrestle with the mobo cables when sleeving.

2015 01 24 11.11.28

Never used Corsair RAM but, once again, it works with my colors better.  I've had such good luck with Samsung SSD's that I stuck with them, plus the look works.

2015 01 24 11.20.22

USPC's Photon tube.  It looks cool.  I've never done a custom loop before so I went with a pump combo, plus, less things floating around in a mid size case will make life easier down the road.

2015 01 25 13.17.53

These fans had the look I wanted, even though I would have preferred the SP series for the pressure.  I did get a set of SP140's just in case but I could only find them with LED's and I'm not sure that's gonna work for me.


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23   tuxhxlT

Working on the bottom panel.  Making a mess with acrylic adhesive. It's like gluing stuff together with water.  Who thought that was a good idea?

24   g7rvnLn

25   od8pskr

Mounted the radiators and fans.  Those AX140's are perfect for the look I wanted, but I did grab a couple of LED SP140's (all I could find in the SP series) just in case they don't move air through the radiators well enough.
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Every bike has a nice, strong frame(hopefully), usually in aluminum, buuutttt, I'm not bending aluminum so hello acrylic tubing.

rX779aj   Imgur

Laying out my framework

ppDSHI9   Imgur

Assembly, and once again, making a total mess with adhesive. Note to self, acrylic adhesive melts pinstriping tape to acrylic, just a FYI.

7B7jOn9   Imgur

And put together.  After it sets up, I've got a few more things to do to it. I'll tap some holes for the MB, figure out the mounting panel for the SSD's(I'm gonna add another, cause symmetry) and use some epoxy to strengthen the joints and give it that welded together look.  Then to get it mounted in the case. 

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