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"F3"-Scout 2 Advanced mod


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B1T9sIV   Imgur

Got the block put on the 980

KiBd06O   Imgur

And got lucky that I could mod the bracket to work, though I might use it as a template to make a better looking one.  Oooorrrrr, I might be lazy.  I don't know yet.

ELCCwKw   Imgur

SSD's mounted, plus a little extra acrylic to space them out for a bit. I'm really thinking that I shouldn't be allowed to use that adhesive.

HWbofgY   Imgur

Getting ready to mount the PSU.  Does this void the warranty?

VCVhiAa   Imgur

A place for everything and everything in its place.

ZZZjxTl   Imgur

iaydKYA   Imgur

gSyprPF   Imgur

Now that's all figured out, it's time for some doors and the front of the case.  I sometimes forget that no one else can see what's in my head and this probably looks like some cobbled together monster.  I get that feeling sometimes when I look at it. :)  The doors and front should start to bring it together. That'll be the next update.
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I haven't managed to make a lot of progress, but I did get a few things done...well...at least started

OoWLTZ7   Imgur

Started working some doors out

ghADZfm   Imgur

Found a nice little spot for a temp gauge 

Y217R8q   Imgur

Started painting some of the interior pieces

efHEJBi   Imgur

Staring down a piece of foam I'm going to attempt to use for the front panel


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XJpHKuu   Imgur

E454vzF   Imgur

Slathering some urethane resin on the front panel. A total mess, but a cool way to add a shell to the foam I used.  Next is a little filler to smooth it out and build it up.

VxWGClU   Imgur

UDF9FbZ   Imgur

I took the top grill and covered it with some seat covering.  I don't really need the ventilation since the case is pretty open and, well, motorcycle mod...motorcycle seat...it tickled my fancy.

DZNlJx2   Imgur

First pieces done with paint.  Splurged for MV matched colors.  I think I'm gonna be happy I did.  The picture really doesn't do it justice.

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HWo7DtB   Imgur

Opk7JrZ   Imgur

Some polishing.  Getting that mirror finish. My plant is so vain, checking itself out every chance it gets.

2PKw1Ag   Imgur

Making some progress on paint. Showing off an inherited throw.  I swear it came with the house. Cross my heart, hope to die.


I gave up on the foam casefront.  It was turning out ok, but just taking way too long and it was a little fragile.  And since I needed it on the case to do final touches, it was really holding me up.  Decided to make the front out of mdf, quicker and less messy to work with.

kdi7lfi   Imgur

qmEQBfm   Imgur

B7lxfXX   Imgur

The corners are still a work in progress, but moving right along.

m2w2Y7h   Imgur

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So, after what seems like a month of breathing paint fumes, on to assembly...

oLXJx5F   Imgur

7wphkcH   Imgur

0QgqCD0   Imgur

The frame, putting in the stand offs and retapping holes.

I1FbySs   Imgur

Getting ready to mount the CPU block.

x20DbwG   Imgur

And one of my pics actually turned out artsy!  Woo hoo!

LsV3Evr   Imgur

And the block is on.

Ynd8xPG   Imgur

Decided last minute to change over to Monsoon Hardline tubing.  I really like the look of the fittings.

OqDeFtI   Imgur

pC3uK56   Imgur

885ACR2   Imgur

Motherboard and reservoir mounted.  Cleaned up the bracket for the GPU and gave it a nice coat of black paint.

DItwK5A   Imgur

o153hSt   Imgur

hXlliQn   Imgur

What's left of the guts of the case.  The front plate looks pretty blah.  Good thing it's getting covered.

4bkNqkh   Imgur

The top and bottom covers slid in.  They're actually only held in by friction and the fact that when this is all together, the angles will keep anything from coming apart.

a06Xjdp   Imgur

Marrying the two assemblies together.  I designed it this way so that I could pull it apart to work on it relatively easily.

1Doct9L   Imgur

Kt5qNtm   Imgur

Putting the rads in. I still have to work on the fans so they'll be coming back out for some wire work.

H468xSJ   Imgur

4bWM8qQ   Imgur

PSU in.  I'm sure that probably voids the warranty in some way.

R9bUBEa   Imgur

v5ksWsX   Imgur

Most of the components in.  I've wanted to put in floating SSD's for a while.  Had the idea while working on my current computer and I'm happy I got to do it this time.
So I'm hopefully going to run my water loop this week, just waiting on the tubing to come in.  Had a tough time deciding between clear and black and finally decided on clear.  I think I've got enough black going on already.  Plus, with clear, I've got options with dye in case I want something something different.  So, til next update.



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Wow, what a rough week.  As if the stress of trying to get done isn't enough, I had two major problems this week:


1.  Had a flaw in the paint.  Not the first, not the last, but right on the nose of the top.  Didn't grab a pic, but had a swirl of discoloration about 2 inches across.  You'd never notice it unless you looked down on it, but where it was at, that would happen a lot.  So called Cooler Master to find out what sort of plastic I was working with so I could figure out what I could strip it with, and Roger (I think) was awesome and found out for me that I was probably working with ABS.

himnSkq   Imgur

Stripping with DOT 3 brake fluid.  Yep, thank you internets, it worked.  I did try out a few things on sample pieces to make sure they wouldn't melt, cause I don't trust the internet 'that' much.  Someone should photoshop in a bunch of dollar bills in that pic.  I'm a stripper now.

g7tOVP2   Imgur

And all better!!!  Whew, dodged a bullet there, just some repainting and we're good.
But then, after drilling some holes (which had the potential to break lots of stuff, but didn't, cause every now and then, I am that good), I was pulling my "Main Assembly" (frame, MB, basically everything that's not the case) to clean out the debris, and this happened:

29ZZmaz   Imgur

Yep, that is a nice crack on that folded acrylic.  Well, not so much a crack but rather it broke completely.  On two different legs.  @!#$!!!!!!!
On a side note, look at that mirror finish! I actually had to stare at this picture for a while to figure out what it was because the reflection was totally throwing me off.  LOL
So my idea of being able to yank the "Main Assembly" out to work on it anytime I want was a flawed idea.  Not so much in design, but the materials just aren't going to be resilient enough.  Soooo...I did it for the aesthetics.  Yeah, the aesthetics.  And now I'm gluing it back together for the aesthetics.  Geez.
Besides breaking everthing, I did manage to get other stuff done though.

V19PK9a   Imgur

7GSwehE   Imgur

qiqOQTA   Imgur

W0qAg7o   Imgur

Ooooh cabling.  And yeah, that's not how it's going to actually run, just test fitting it, checking it out.  My fingers are killing me, but colors came out perfect, I couldn't have hoped for a better match.  So....Yay!  Something turned out right this week.

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