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"F3"-Scout 2 Advanced mod


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I've made some good progress this week, especially since I was destroying everything I touched last week.

kX1Q7DX   Imgur

Cut the mounting tabs off the pump housing and put a nice coat of black paint on it to "fancy" it up

o1hKl9W   Imgur

kuu1HKV   Imgur

6a357D2   Imgur

198PWno   Imgur

Finished up my front panel.  The grill is made of 3 layers of black screen mesh, 1 layer of aluminum screen mesh, and a bit of aluminum grill material.  I was trying to give it a unique look similar to the bike(which does it with a radiator and a grill).  Not the same, but I do like the look.

zNSulQN   Imgur

So many wires!

I9tktZ7   Imgur

Soldering up the PCI-E cables.


5QsJ3KL   Imgur

And much better.

JXxaFuh   Imgur

nWwbhQh   Imgur

Nice little hard grommets I found at the hardware store, which lead to.....

Dko0oDa   Imgur

....a mess right now.  At least till I get the top finished.


Working on the cooling loop now, should have more this weekend.




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Progress, progress, progress.

wRw5nF5   Imgur

qKOXj4s   Imgur

FIG4NUL   Imgur

Ran the cooling loop.  I'm going to be re-doing a few pieces.  The glue for the Monsoon fittings looks horrible inside the tubing, and i didn't really get the knack for applying it till the last few fittings.  Nothing will really change though.

XEFVbGW   Imgur

I did screw up and after cutting my last piece to length, realized I forgot to pull my piece of silicone out of the tubing. Damn.

h1qPyem   Imgur

Getting ready to pressure test and crossing my fingers.

fpHdX23   Imgur

And I hooked up the LED's while I was testing.  I had to see what they would look like.  I'm glad they're set up to be dimmed.

Su1eRwB   Imgur

ZRNBKZ5   Imgur

kCvagTg   Imgur


Also did a little cable sewing to clean up the wires a bit.  You don't really appreciate having a spot to hide wires til you have no place to stick them.

OOwmoFg   Imgur

X1YbPOK   Imgur

And I finally finished the top of the case.  Took a repaint and lot of sanding by finger, but totally worth it in the end. You can also see the grill that I covered in seat material.  It was a tight fit.  The original tolerances didn't allow any room for the material so I wound up bowing it a bit in the middle to get it in. You can also sort of see where the temp gauge is mounted to echo the instrument cluster on the bike.


I'm happy to have been able to put this together in about 2 1/2 months. Nothing like working under pressure, huh? It turned out to be more work than I was expecting, and different from what I had planned(I was originally going to use a Cosmos SE but I couldn't get my hands on one).  But looking at it now, I love how the Scout Advanced's top shape is sort of reminiscent of a bike's and I'm very happy with how it's turned out.


Next up, doors. Sorry, fairings, and some decals.

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And another tale of woe. Actually it isn't that bad, but I just can't seem to turn my back on this case, dammit.

nJVO7Yr   Imgur

I was pulling my lines out to get ready to redo a couple and I ran into this.  It's not super noticeable, but there is a fine crack on the right hand side of that collar.  I had read a few forum posts about this but was hoping it was a limited occurrence.  I have no idea what caused it, but the Monsoon hardline is out for now.  And I really liked the look of it, plus I was comforted by there being more than the friction of an o-ring holding things together.


Luckily I have the Primochill Ghost fittings and tubing I was originally planning on using.

XfFDbO0   Imgur

zwai5Kt   Imgur

PlC80cx   Imgur

It sucks to have to completely change it over, but oh well, at least I don't have to worry about the glue like with the Monsoons. And I'm sort of digging the black lines. Maybe this isn't such a bad thing. Back to the measuring, cutting and bending board. :)
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End of the month update.  I'm mostly finished with only some details to add now, so let's get into it.


Ijst9m6   Imgur

IopzjWa   Imgur

Polishing up the sides.  Man, it's hard to get that silver to really show in a picture.  I'm hoping playing with some camera features will let it come out easier in the final shots.

5zHAbaa   Imgur

hWW0TX8   Imgur

Side panel on. I like it!

SZuODzS   Imgur

7XQXYrW   Imgur

Also got the loop finished.  I think the black looks better than the clear, just in that it doesn't draw your eye from the whole.  That's important because I really didn't want this to be a mod with a couple of parts to focus on, but rather to be taken in as a whole.  Which is good, because nothing I've done is new territory, but all together, it's something different.  As far as my Monsoon fittings, Monsoon got back with me and discussed the matter and were pretty awesome about the whole deal.  So, while I won't be using them in this build(2 sets of tubing was enough), I'm definitely going to try to use them in my next build. 

uVkVzSI   Imgur

kQWYPHR   Imgur

kp81qnI   Imgur

e6gwLat   Imgur

Some of the graphics on.  Still waiting for a few to come in, last minute details of course, but sometimes you never know what you're going to need until you get it together and realize something's missing.

QwNEL9g   Imgur

Found my case a little sidekick. Although it'd be nicer to have the real thing to set it next to, this one was much, much more affordable. :D
Probably one more update after this one, with some pics of the finished details and the lights and such running and then the final photos after that.  'Til then...






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The last of my decals came in.  Luckily in the mix, there wound up being an extra, because, well, let's just say I need some practice putting them on, lol.  But I did manage to get some pics of it finished up.  I'm not gonna call them my final pics, just finished.  I still want to play with the lighting and get a few different shots.  Plus, dust.  I swear I wiped that thing down like 5 times!
















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