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Bulldozer project - AMD Tribute

Ilija Dakic

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Me again, to some it maybe funny, but i am full of emotions for this!


Few days after i started working on this project, few people asked me what will i be using from components, and i said that i would be using what i had at the time or untill i find some sponsors... one of those parts was AMD Athlon II X3 450 that i was using... One guys, at the time a random guy on the forum asked me if i Phenom II 980BE would be an improvment untill i get cash to get new one or find a sponsor, i still dont have sponsor for the processor...





Imagine me today when i heard from mailman that i have a package from France..




I knew the guy for half an hour from forum and over PM on the forum... and he decided to help me in such a manner... It may not bet extraordinary, and such but it means allot more than just a processor... it means that there are still great people in this world, and a new hope risen inside of me just from this gesture!!!The moment i get new processor either from sponsors or i get some cash to buy it. i am gonna make special mount for this one, to shine as a simbol of respect, UTMOST RESPECT towords Blobster21 and people like him!!!

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Guys, sorry i haven't been posting for a while, but it was holyday season here in Serbia, and i was kinda tortured by my neighbour :D i have been planing to rebuild chasis for the case from steel to aluminum, and i wanted to ask a buddy of mine who is professional welder to do the welds for me, but he refused and instead outh to teach me how to weld "If you want to do this as a hobby you need to learn how to do it... you will need it, you can use my equipment!" so i learned how to weld aluminum, and it is going quite well, nice clean welds hehe


Also, if you are doing something, there isnt my way, your way, his way... there is the right way or the wrong way... took me some time to figure that out for myself :D





Aluminum box tubes... 





Kind'a expensive :/ 

Also, i will be doing aluminum case, and pics next time :D

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Ok guys, i did it, i redid the frane in to an aluminum one and it turned out extra!!!

you can see it on the video below :)



The aluminum alloy that i am using is durafix, and it is insanely strong for welding, i did a weld and i smashed it with hammer trying to tare the weld and make the weld brake, the only thing that broke was the cube piple it self... and i used really small ammount of it..


You can see here, i welded, well its more like soldered only 2 sides, see how much smashing it has been trough and still survived :D







Also the frame and welds, few pics... it will be done tonigh, and finally i can start painting tomorrow, i switched entire case upside down... i ended up with 2 cases :D







I hope you like it :), also guys if you ever try to do these welds, they dont stick to steel, only to "Coloured metals" so you can use steel plate instead of the one i have been using, i used Azbestus boards so i can get my nails in and keep it all at the right angle... Be advised, azbestus is highly cancerogenic... and the fumes are really rough! but i needed to keep temp and it is extremely good insulator...

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Some closeups on the welds, and also the frame is finished, i even figured out how to fix the bend caused by heat to aluminum, tho the bend isn't big, 2-3 degrees it is still annoying and it bends entire body, all that caused because i dont have horisontal cubetube above the components (i left it open so i can tinker with it with ease... i figured few ways to fix that, and i hope you guys will like it... 







The 2-3 degrees influence in overall look of the case...



it is causing the difference of about 1-2mm from one side to the other and it pisses me off.


FIX! The simple solution.. threaded stick, with it i could adjust it all :D the pictures are low quality because of the lighting and my primary camera died... using camcorder to take photos :)




loosening of the screw acts like a car lift, stretches the frame, and i got exactly what i needed :D


Hope you guys like this :D

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So, I was at Cooler Master office here in belgrade and i got some neat stuff ;) 


1. A BOX: 



hehe :) 


Really now here is the bundle:




and power supply separate from that because of the bad quality of the picture :)




What exactly was in the box:


1. V1000 - Fully modluar 1000w power supply

2. Storm Rapid-I mechanical gaming keyboard - cherry mx brown

3. Ten CoolerMaster Jetflo 120mm fans with red backlight

4. Storm Havoc 8200dpi Laser mouse :)


Another thanks to CoolerMaster, they made me really happy :) more pictures along the way hihi

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Shakmods, nice company, nicer people :)




I recieved reply from Shakmods and they decided to make me custom cables for my V1000 

Thank you guys, it is more than just sending components, it takes time and effort to make sleeved cables and i understand how much hours they will work on these... Thanks again!!!

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Here is an update, i didnt have conditions for more pictures, and i allreay had similar photos of steel casing, this is aluminum.


I did few things that i didnt take a picture of, Rails were attached directly to the wood frame but now i added distancers and it slides allot better, Frame rails dont strech the frame anymore but totally oposite, they retract it now, making it more sturdy. Also the rail on wooden frame had its "toungue reduced so it can slide more to the end of the case, some screws got in the way and they are not an option for removal...


I did the hood from the top, it is now out of 3 pieces, no longer the "bend around" method, and i made a hole and attached the 2nd PSU fan grill on the side. Also i did back mesh for the future grill on the front side of the case.


Again, this is the way that PSU will go, but i will put some distancers so i can raise the platform a bit and it will allow me to make it 1-2cm wider. 





Again the case half way out, it is a bit bigger than last one but it was so i can increase area where the HDD's are going, i needed height so i can manipulate better. :)




Rims to fill the empty space between the inner and outher case, , i will fix them when i finish inner case totaly and i have exact dimensions...





I hope you guys like the progress so far and that you understand that English isnt my native language and that i am self taught so, point me on any mistake i might have made. :) Cheers

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Fans fit perfectly :) Love how the distance between them isnt regular, its possible to squeeze them tight together and i am really good with that :D


this is the top one, the one that will blow directly to graphic cards and cool them aditionally hehe 





Isn't it a beauty to see them like this, i will lower them to go at around 700rpm, i wont need them to go any more because i will make a sandwitch out of 2 radiators and the middle ones will go at 1200 rpm just to cycle the air between 2 of them :)


It got a bit late and i couldn't take all the pictures i wanted, a bit tired... 

Also, i made my 6th and final rooftop XD

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I finished the sides made of acrylic... the entire case is a bit rough, there is some things i have to finish, i got rims that will go instead of duckt tape :) but for now its like this... 






I admit, today its ugly as :) but with rims finished it will look much smoother :D and all.. its really robust, but i like it that way, it will be a piece of furniture in my room :D

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