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Project Alternate (Pc in a Desk)


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Over the past week or so I have finished lowering the desk by 2" 

cut the air-vent hole, made the vent cover & some other small bits like the shelf mounts.

I cant attach them properly yet & do the fine adjustments until some of the components arrive so I can check placement & sizing. 


Iv also started to undercoat some of the desk & done lots of sanding.



Here are the 2 shelf supports, they might need some adjusting at a later date when i start to fit the RES, there will be 2x 450mm reservoirs on each side on the shelf bottom.





here they are in place, the shelf isn't shaped & fasten in place yet.





Cutting the 3mm black plexiglass that will be used for the vent cover.







This is the frame for the vent cover, think im going to have this with a mat finish & the blades will be polished to a shine









I'm not that great with plexiglass, so this took some time lol






Thinking the blades might be a bit too long, will cut them down later in the build if I don't change my mind...


I'm short on time today, so I will try add more updates tomorrow.


Thanks for for looking  :)

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A quick mid week update for you, 

Started work on the center shelf holder that I plan to also run the water tubing though,


The shape might change slightly later in the build when i have the 2x RES in place.







Here it is in place, as you can see Iv also started to undercoat some parts, I started this now to see how well it would hold up & to help show imperfections.





You can see the parts I started to sand down, I have now given the desk 1 coat of MDF primer & 2 coats of white primer, sanding after every coat apart from the last one..

Whether I use a paint or go with wrap the surface will need to be sanded as good as possible. :(







Sanded down the speaker covers, not sure what colour Im going to use yet.




Decided to make the cones for the front of the desk from clay lol, yes clay... thought why not, I need the practice for a later 

none PC related mission :)







Its air dry clay, so my cats looking after it for me as its out in the sun for the day :)





once it was hard enough I sanded them down to a better finish ready to prime & sand once more,  I hate all the sanding :(




I also hollowed out the center to reduce the weight & cut some groves for the bracket.





Thats all for now, I will try have more updates for you at the weekend.. :)

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A plan from the start but not shown to everyone was some front lighting, I decided to keep it on the down-low encase I failed, 

as Iv never done Plexiglas with LEDs..


Anyway, I think its looks good for now, should I change my mind later in the build when iv 

painted or wrapped the desk I will cover them over :(


your thoughts on them would be appreciated, good or bad about anything on the build, constructive criticism can be a great help :)


don't want it to look too cheesy, but as there at my side I think they could act as nice room lighting :)



Started by cutting some plexi to the same angel as the front corners,








Sides move out the way so I can cut some groves for the plexi.






Did a bit more undercoating & the groves are now cut on both sides, top shelf still not completed as im awaiting the RES before

I make final cuts.









Oh, Im just using super bright white LEDs for the front, its possible I could change them for RGB at a later date?



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The ASUS Sabertooth X99, the most tidy looking motherboard iv ever seen, should be quite easy to mod to my colour scheme.

Will be using this MB along with some DDR4 & the Intel i7-5820k.


Done some shots with & without the caps/covers





P.S  1st page has been updated with some specs



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Iv stopped working on the outside of the desk for the moment as Im awaiting the reservoirs so I can complete the top shelf 

& start to fasten things into place, 

but with the arrival of most of the other Phobya & OCOOL parts & the X99 motherboard, I could start working in the inside,

so Iv fitted a motherboard tray & sorted the housing for the 2X RADs.


I'm not following a design for the inside so I tend to spend hours just sitting looking at the empty cavity & trying 

to picture ideas in my head lol

however I have worked out where the main components will be going.



here's one of the packages I received thanks to Phobya & OCOOL (Alphacool)

All sorts of goodies, RADs, controllers, cables, hard tubes, switches, GPU & CPU blocks & many more that I will show in more detail 

as the build progresses :) 





Another secret I keep to myself & a couple of people was the idea to have the sides lift away from the desk to make room for 

storage & also make use of all the available space...


As both the secret ideas worked out ok I will show you one of the original designs for the desk, kept them a secret encase things 

went wrong with the plan.





I played with lots of ways to accomplish the task, the first two ideas FAILED :(

but after one more attempt I cracked it :D


So now the side will lift up & out to the side making room for my gamepads & other bits that make desks look a bit untidy. 





Almost all the parts inside the desk are removable, no screws used so as to make it easyer to MOD at a later date & also reduce the 

weight when moving.


This double platform will hold the pads & bits, can be lifted out from the top or from the side.




They all still need tidying up a bit & sanding down, 

waiting until most of the desk is complete so if anything gets damaged as im working I wont have wasted too much time.



Cutting up a cheap old case for the parts, MB tray & front drive bays.





MB in place, will MOD more at later date.

For now I just want to make sure everything has a place.





MB back plate is just temp & will also be changed later in the build.





Cutting 4 holes for the RADs exhaust.







I will be using 2X Phobya RAD mounts to fasten the RADs to the underneath of the desktop.





As Im wanting the RADs further away from the back I added some barriers for the hot air, raised as high as possible.







The RADs are attached to the desktop but the exhausts are attached to the back of the desk, I made the fittings as tight as possible

but to eliminate any small gaps that hot air could escape though Iv added some padding that's been coated to help keep the softness but also create a thin skin.





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