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Custom CM logo shaped acrylic pump top in the making!

I designed this to fit D5 pumps and with the flexibility to use different mounting brackets and orientations.




Custom CM logo shaped acrylic reservoir to go with the D5 pump top. Features 3 ports and the same mounting abilities as the pump top.



One of many tributes to 10th CMWS that's going into this project!

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Custom CM logo shaped acrylic pump top and reservoir CNC milled out of acrylic.

I absolutely love how they turned out! 


The reservoir have a three port pass-through function and will sit in line before the pump.

Hopefully there will we some good looking water movement in there.


I did not add any RGB support by purpose as I don't want any. RAM, monoblock and motherboard will supply enough lights!







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Choosing accent color for this legendary CM tribute wasn't that hard.

I've always been a sucker for purple together with black and chrome and as it's Cooler Master signature color, well rock on!


But the thing is, I am not talking about a lot of color. For this time just refering to EK Torque HTC fittings!






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Pump and reservoir mounted in their right spots.


Pump is placed horizontal using an EK D5 bracket attached to the front radiator.

Reservoir will be floating in mid air with support from a three-way fillport at the back and a hard tube at the front.




The pump sits as the lowest part of the water cooling and I use the new EK Torque T-fitting to station a drain port down the bottom of the case.

As you can see, the bottom of the case got a new opal back painted acrylic floor for a deep mirrored finish. And yeah, still got the protection on.





Some more tubes!


Forgot to snap a photo of the dual hard tubes coming from the GPU-block down to the momoblock, but you can see them behind the reservoir.

I'll be running a GPU-CPU parallel loop with inlet and outlet on the other side of the GPU.


This is the flow:


Pump - Front 240 rad - GPU/CPU - Top 240 rad - Reservoir - Returning to pump


Absolutely love how the Nickel mirror backplate will give me multiple custom acrylic parts inside the case!





All black EK Vardars!


Front radiator as inlet and top radiator as exhaust.





Getting there!


Perfect sized PC incoming <3



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I've been working with a couple of designs for my radiator grills and finished off with these two.


One dedicated to tribute CMWS19, will be mounted to top radiator.

The other one is my signature design that I modify and use for all sizes of radiators. This time a full cover including mounting and the parts sorrunding in/outlet ports.


They will both be laser cut from 2 mm transparent acrylic and then get a very special treatment!




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