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Termuda Square - BLΔCK MΔGIC Peripheral’s


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My name is Nick Van Guth AKA Termuda Square, and I’m back for yet another year! 

Last year I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the apprentice league winners, so I’m back and I’m even more prepared then last year. 

Besides my tower mod which you can find here 


I will be modding a few peripherals to match the theme of my mod. 

- Mod theme - 
The theme will be dark yet sleek mixed with experimental techniques, along with hints of gold and a creepy occult Type vibe.

- Peripherals modded -

- CoolerMaster MM831 

CoolerMaster MK850


I look forward to seeing everyone’s creations until then, happy modding ! 



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The prep work ! 

Started with preparing the surfaces I was going to paint, started with a 3m scuff pad and then cleaned with waterborn anti static degreaser since it is a plastic part. 

And then proceeded to hang my parts to paint. 


first base coat with BMW jet black, and then I spray my clear coat. 
Now time to wait a few days until dry and then I wet sand. 


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Now I wet sand ! 

Now that they were dry, since I didn’t have a booth to use anymore, had to wet sand any polish every piece for a glass like finish and glass like work pallet for stencils and matte black. 



Even made sure when I painted over the palm part with the CoolerMaster logo to smoke out the palm instead of paint, so I mixed black in with some clear and shot then then cleared over that so I wouldn’t take any color with while wet sanding. 404A39CC-5848-43AA-B354-A9126F3D9E73.thumb.jpeg.32923bf883b508c32c681543729d1518.jpeg
And they turned out nicely 


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Stencil time ! 
But first to wet sand a few more parts. 


After wet sanding we cleaned our part with waterborn anti static degreaser to get rid of any waxes or compounds and so our stencils would stick nicely and have no paint bleed and then hung my parts to paint matte black.




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assembly was pretty straight forward, but during assembly I was able to use a 4mm rubber pad , a spring , two rubber washers to raise the left trigger, the pad stuck to the bumper on the left trigger and the spring sat around the bumper and the switch , along with the rubber washers for isolation, to make it easier to bounce the trigger when using single shot guns in fps games. 



These were the last 4 days I stayed up straight so was running low on sleep and was in a rush , so I sadly had no more photos from assembly. 

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