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"CRYSTAL" PC case mod.


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Welcome to my latest project log, The project name i've gone for is "Crystal" 
The name and the whole concept is based on some new products that's coming/come to market this month
that i'll be using in this build.
The Game Rock 3080 from Palit is one of the inspirations for the theme.

I like to try new things with every build and hopefully learn something new, so along with the usual painting, 3D printing and other techniques
I'll also be using texture plastics and resin for the first time as the main 3D printing material.
This allows for lots of clear detail and very solid parts when using the correct resin kindly supplied by monocure3d.


The case i'm using is a CoolerMaster MasterCase SL600M, mainly aluminium with a glass window on the main side.
I plan to sand, polish, paint and try some other things with the aluminium parts and any plastic.
Plenty of space on the inside for watercooling however, I will only be watercooling the CPU for now with a CoolerMaster AIO
and might do a full custom loop when GPU blocks are available.

Wouldn't be a crystal build without some Crystals, so I will be making some from resin and possibly standard filaments like PLA. 

The lighting is alway an important part of my builds, I'm not a rainbow RGB lover however I do love RGB for the amount of colour options it gives

you without needing to replace all the parts when you fancy a change.

Thanks to the timing of this build i'll be entering into the Case Mod World Series 2020 #CMWS2020.

Hope you enjoy the build log and final result.


Full build specs to be updated,
CPU    - TBC
MB      - ASrock B550 PG Velocit
GPU    - Palit OC Game Rock RTX 3080
RAM    - Team Group T-Force XTREEM ARGB DDR4 Gaming Memory
SSD    - Team Group T-Force Delta Max RGB SATA SSD
M.2      - Team Group T-Force CARDEA Liquid M.2 PCIe SSD
PSU     - Cooler Master V850 GOLD-V2 WHITE EDITION
CASE   - Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M
AIO       - Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360P Silver Edition
3D RESIN - Monocure 3D

Thanks to the sponsors who've been working hard to get things arranged swiftly during difficult times.
#asrock #coolermaster #palit #teamgroup #monocure3d #tforce 



Build parts will be added as they arrive.

















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Starting off with the case, mainly because it's the first part to arrive, meaning I can start work on some of the main parts straight away.
The SL600M has the PSU at the front, this means I can have most the wires hidden in the front and try to keep the main window free to display the GPU, MB and most the components without having to remove much.

The case comes with 2 big 140mm fans on the bottom, I might keep them as this first part of the build will have the GPU air cooled, I will if I get time and a block becomes available then go for a full custom loop for the GPU and CPU.

















Case fully stripped down ready for stage one, sanding and painting.










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After I stripped the case down I got to work sanding and priming the plastic parts and the main structure of the case.

1st coat of silver, started to rain so quickly moved it all back in the shed for the second.





The external metal panels are getting sanded down, although the paint on the metal is very nice, I need it a bit more reflective.

Original paint on the right, sanded one the left prior to buffing.







Painting it chrome was considered, however I will also be working with very high heat on the panels along with cutting and this would damage the paint.

So only the plastic around the metal panels will be painted chrome.
















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The main GPU for this build, and the inspiration is the Palit OC Game Rock RTX3080

A very solid card and a nice change from the normal black plastic, especially as this wont be watercooled for now.
Comes with a nice plexi brace, manual and a PCIE adapter.


























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The motherboard is a ASrock B550 PG Velocit, also got a nice surprise hoodie.

Wanted a silver board for the same reason I painted the case silver and polished some parts, to help with lighting and background.
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Working with new materials on this project, the crystal style plastics im using on this build are a bit tricky to bend but easy enough to cut and sand.

For the feet I went with fake diamonds, was going to use real ones but couldn't find a sponsor unfortunately :(







the front looks great, some nice texture to it and some added depth thanks to the metal polishing, without that it looked too milky.








Display window cut for the crystal display that will be the main focus on the front of the case.







The power button also got a makeover, the metal will be painted dark chrome to match the corners and a couple of other parts.
















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5 hours ago, Explore Modding said:

Wow, those panels look so good! Wish I found something like that for my last year's project, instead of growing my own crystals!¬†ūü§£



Thanks, yes was hard to find something to match the GPU.
The main ones will be all resin, maybe a couple of standard 3D printed also, the size I'm using would probably take many months to grow and really wanted this completed by today but some parts are yet to arrive :(

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For the main window crystals I worked on 2 options, they'll be printed in resin and for the smaller ones that's also getting done in resin I printed some tests as I await the crystal clear resin from Monocure3D, far as I know I will be the first to use this new resin so im looking forward to seeing the results.












Another 3D part is the hole surround for the front of the case, printed a test again then a better detailed final part that will be sanded, primed, gloss black then airbrushed.








Thanks to a clever design by cooler master this panel can be in the standard position or turned 90 degree, so I'll be spinning it around so I have more options for positioning the GPU.






Cut most the front away as it wont be needed and leaves me with a bit more space for wires and other things.









Paint for the top of the case is also now completed, forgot to take a photo of the mesh on the top of the case thats also been done in silver/chrome.










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