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Project OZOB - "OZOB 2077"

Maurycio Gyovanni

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I believe that I managed to complete everything I wanted for this project, airbrushing does not exist in this competition with the same level and richness of details as this one.

I wanted to use creativity to fill the interior of this case, I don't have the financial resources to put a customized liquid refrigeration.

I decided to use the watercooler radiator in the vertical position, so I built a support that fixed it in position and at the same time could pass all the wires through the back in addition to the push and pull ventilation.

At the top I created a support that would make me use 6 120mm fans and fill the space that would be empty due to my choice to change the watercooler to vertical, it looks like another radiator but it is not.

All covers were changed and customized with the theme of the chosen character, for the video card I made the first cover (as far as I know) for vertical supports, this one with a sponsor's brand and following the RGB lighting.

The front has been modified to include a 4 fan of 120mm because the original only allows 3.




















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