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I just noticed you posted pictures linking to your sponsor, which might be against the rules of the contest;
If you plan to use sponsored components for you mod:

* All modding work must be done by you, not the sponsors.

* You cannot do any advertising for the sponsors or any product in your worklog (i.e. posting links to online ecommerce sites for the product).

Just thought I'd let you know...

Thanks Maxession,

now is correct?

This is the new front that I am creating, adapting and modifying to add it to my project.

I have the idea of making this front as the multi-media control of my computer.

Still need the final painting and an effect that I do with acrylic.





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Here an previa of my front mounted

I will put 4 Vandal Switch color black with blue lighting

I'll make an effect with acrylic green, I'm also thinking of putting led vu meter and ending with the Blue paint

I also want to change my LCD Module 3,5-inch for one of LCD Module 4,3-inch

Accessories that are part of the front in this picture

Grilla 12cm hecha Mr.Shinji

Matrix Orbital Tri Color display GX24064-TC-BBI-MCE

Two Vandal Resistant Illuminated Switch - 16mm Purple Ring

Two Analog VU Meter Gradiente

FAN Coolermaster R4-L2R-20CK-GP 120mm 90CFM 19dB with blue lighting

LCD Module 3,5-inch with VGA from IndustrialLCD



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I had the idea of making my Case Feet on an accessory Fittings used at home

First I cut, then I made the frame with acrylic blue and also added the screw to be placed on the case using mass

After I made an base with green acrylic to make in the plug-in way and it permanently does not leave fixed because thus when the leds to

burn is only to open and to change

I painted the case feet of color black with very careful to not painting the part of the blue acrylic

And here the final result that I am very pleased

He in my project and the effect of the LEDs was much more beautiful













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