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ShaoLin Revolution "New Photos and Videos" pag 06


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Not bad, usually ain't a big fan of dragon cuttings, but this is quite nice with you having made them 'mirrored'. :D

Well, keep on cutting... ;)

Thanks Maxession,

I would be much easier to make the cut on paper because this side panel window is very thin and pliable

Now the lack of definition of the lines cut and later finishing

1 weeks to leave the Dragons ready for painting

Merry Christmas


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I made some small changes in my power supply

Painted some parts in black as e.g. 120 mm Fan Grill and screws

added a new cooler 90 CFM Blue LED Silent Fan 120mm by cooler master

added too Fan Filter color Blue Dimension 120mm

Now I am to think about putting one fan of 4cm or 6cm as exhaust fan




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