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I also did a cut out of a dragon on my first case mod.

I used a dremel and about 40 cutting disk and it took me about 3 days to complete it.

Here are some pics.

Very good its dragon.

has link of this its project?

Hmm.. nope sorry. My pc was entered in the 2005 CM Modding Contest but the link to the photo album isn't working.


Need to ask notoriousbigs to fix it.

I was going to make a website but still haven't gotten the time to make it.



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Nice looking dragons ..

I was doing this one to get use to the scroll saw and cutting the acrylic.


still have yet to finish it and find something to do with it once it cut out.

Nice job! Where do you get your colored plexi from? I never seem to find any localy only plain clear plexi glass.

That stuff I got from A.C.Ryan for a review and did a quick guide on how to make an acrylic Fan grill over at http://www.gideontech.com

http://www.mcmaster.com also sells acrylic that is transparent and dyed.

I might use weld on 3 to get my dragon on a clear piece of acrylic when I am done for a wall picture (or window in a case later on).

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