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Project Coolermaster HAF 932


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Wow, nothing can beat a laser or water cut for sure! By the way, are you entering the 2009, Mod Contest? If you are, you just have to add "2009 Modding Contest Entry" or of the sort in the title to let us know.


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They certainly did a great job with the acrylic & wouldn't mind somewhere capable of doing that in these parts.

(I'm at a beach resort area, not known for it's mix of powdercoaters & laser cutting companies :-( )

used to work at an advertising company, you'd be surprised that the tools/materials used in the business are very similar from what we use in modding.

some more updates. the custom top used on the D5 top looks kinda plain and boring

and it didn't really match the theme of the case. so decided to spice things up a bit.


started by dis assembling the pump.


then we proceeded to murdering the top. lol!



i'm using a 7/16" drill bit to enlarge the original hole.


then a G1/4 pipe tap.



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