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I'm not going to be able to finish my build for the deadline. My personal builds always get pushed aside..lol...I have three customer projects to finish for E3 and Comic Con.

An amazing turn out of entries this year, Wow! and Good Luck to everyone!

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Well, if anything, it puts to rest the idea that Bill Owen doesn't do personal mods and doesn't compete in contests anymore. It is good to know that you are still an enthusiast and willing to put pride and craftsmanship on the line in view of other quite amazing competitors. If you had finish, it would have been a tough addition into the mix and of course would have a sent several guys into a tizzy, hehe. And yes, many times having to pay the bills takes precedence and we have to put our competitiveness and pride aside,.... but thank goodness that bills are still payable!

As always top-notch work, use of tools, and creative design. Looking forward to the final product.

Cheers and Saludos

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Was looking forward to see this one done but thing got in your way I think, I know a lot of people was counting on you to see it done as well, maybe next time.

From one Modder to another:

Next time try to show more dedication and passion to finish what you’ve started, I know many things can get in our way when we mod but did not show interest and perseverance to finish something as good as this is not a good message for the next generation of modders, maybe your vision is not the same as mine, but modding to me reflects my soul and my life, we all have families, jobs and projects to do, but at least we finished, this is not a criticism is just a friendly advice from one Modder to another. Thank you Bill and MNPCTECH for the great work you have done all this years.

Viva la Revolution!

PS: Will Luv to see it done!

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I stated earlier that this wouldn't be finished in time. I have several commissioned projects this year that take 1st priority over my personal projects. Currently I'm building the first official Star Trek theme case for orginial TV series writer, David Gerrold with duplicate made for Maximum PC Magazine, here

While the pieces are being milled for that project, I found time to remove the TUF shield (The Ultimate Force) on the Asus Sabertooth P67 motherboard. It's fastened on with 8 screws on the back.






You can install an optional "assistant" 50mm cooling fan that screws into the portal pictured above. The assistant fan is an optional component and doesn't come with the Sabertooth.

Asus recommends mounting a CPU cooler that will blow airflow downward, toward the CPU socket.




Using Heat gun to remove the sticker



Using red Scotch brite pad to scuff surface of the TUF shield


Applying Flat Black "Flexible" Primer for adhesion coat on plastic, before applying Matte Black Enamel Paint

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fyi: I requested that my contact at Cooler Master move this project thread to the Modding subforum as I work on it in my spare time.

I wanted this build to be the 1st with "hand painted" artwork on the TUF shield, that reflects the theme I created on the chassis. So I enlisted my pro mod team member, Brad's paint skills. When you deal with the volume of customer builds like I do, you need a team of helpers. When I started out 10 years ago, I did everything myself. Due to demand, it's gotten harder to do that...lol. In return, he asked that I take him out to dinner at Big Bowl with Knob Creek and Cokes, which is fine dining to us backwoods hicks. So, the cover for optional 50mm fan served as nice location for bio-mech skull taken from the front of the chassis. Brad chalked out general idea and location for the artwork. Other than using hand made square ribbon stencil and corsair 600T intake grill as a stencil, everything was painted off the cuff, freehand without stencils. Since ASUS was kind enuf to send me the p67, it's only proper that their logo gets incorporated into the artwork. (since I removed their stickers!) I'm also leaning toward anodizing their Green heatsinks Black...btw" Notice how the mb heatsink matches the Green paper on the table perfectly? coincidence or a warning to not change them?.... btw: You won't see the brown & tan gpu slots





Don't pay $40 for professional airbrush stencils! Make your own, grab image online, edit in photochop, print it, then cut it yourself with Xacto knife.





I just happen to have an intake grill from corsair 600T in my car...lol. It served as perfect stencil for airbrushing the mesh grid background. Otherwise Round Modders Mesh would have worked too!



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