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Guillermo Navarro

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I have to try to keep pace with.

my project is still a mystery, but this

My category is Full Tower Mod

well this project annum as cao because thanks to cooler master their efacciones are the alcanse of all, the 2 front cost me only $ 10 dolaes and 4 fan only about $ 45 dolaes that were you to bid on my distibudor pasta and painting exceeded $ 32 dolaes and extras for a total of 135 dollars more or less

is a prototype of a new full tower taking pieces of 3 different cabinets and left this hybrid

see that is created with the sum of the following components[/attachment]post-64499-13880423099862_thumb.jpg




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Maybe if it were a "Frenkie Attack", haha! Hi Frenkie!

Hey memo, any updates yet? You've got us hanging on the edge of our seats! Time to get it all together and finish.

Saludos and Cheers

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