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Dawn of War mod


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Thanks for the replies. The rust effect is kinda hard to explain. I had never done it before and just dove right in. I concentrated on the edges as that is where rust usually starts. To do the runs I added more water to the paint as if water was in the cracks and taking the rust down the sides of the case. For the heavy rusted parts I used thicker paint to give it texture, blotting it on with a flat tipped brush. I have seen rust done on other mods and to better effect, but I still think it looks good. Wait until you see the finished pics as they really show how the whole thing comes together.

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Now its time for the power generator. Unfortunately I do not have any in progress photos of it. I made it using foam board, which I cut into pieces and then glued together and sanded. Lastly, it was time for the blue cold cathode. I drilled a small hole in the top of the case to run the wiring through. It lights up with a flick of a switch.




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Here is a list of the hardware inside Dawn of War. Its pretty simple as this is a Folding@Home rig.

Intel Core2Duo e6700 with Arctic Cooling Pro heatsink

Abit Fatality motherboard

Adata Xtreme 800+ ddr2 3gb

XFX 8800gs with Zalman vga heatsink

FSP 400w power supply

Western Digital 80gb sata hard drive

LG DVD rom

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